TORONTO – Ontario’s medical profession’s regulatory body has blocked two outspoken doctors from issuing any medical exemptions related to COVID-19 vaccination.

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The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario announced sanctions Monday morning against Dr. Mark Trozzi of Harrow and Dr. Rochagne Killian of Owen Sound.

Both Trozzi and Killian have been vocal about COVID-19 restrictions in the past, expressing skepticism about COVID-19 vaccines.


Killian, in particular, has previously been a speaker at several rallies organized by the group “Grey-Bruce Freedom Fighters” and resigned from her position as an emergency room doctor last month in protest of Gray Bruce Health Services’ handling of the pandemic. had given

Under an interim order announced today but issued last week, physicians have been barred from providing medical exemptions with respect to COVID-19 vaccines, mandatory mask requirements for COVID-19, and testing for COVID-19.

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Their practices will also be required to post information about sanctions in their authorities.

The college said it is issuing an interim order under the powers granted to it in 2018, which allows it to “suspend or enforce the terms, conditions or limits on the certificate of registration of a member, where the college believes that the conduct is exposed or is likely to occur.” harm or injure patients.

At this point no doctor has been referred to the Tribunal with charges related to sanctions.

Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr Kieran Moore has previously said that COVID-19 vaccines are safe and highly effective and medical exemptions should only be given at a rate of about five people per 100,000.

They state that there is an increased risk of allergy or myocarditis to one of the only two valid medical exemption vaccine components.