Tyler the Creator produced a recent Coca-Cola ad

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    Tyler the Creator has been quiet since he won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Last year album. It is not clear when he will release the new music, although the rapper recently had a very cute gig with Coca-Cola. The beverage company shared an ad on Sunday that featured music by Tyler himself, showing several people drinking a bottle of Coca-Cola. The first sip from the bottle causes them to dance uncontrollably and show their moves in various places, including a corner shop and a football game.

    Tyler took to Twitter to share the news. “The drums are f * hard end is less shaking,” he wrote. He Said, “me playing the flute in the beginning,” indicating that his talent spans many instruments. In addition to the production, Tyler’s vocals can also be heard in the ad. While the commercial is certainly a great moment for Tyler, it was not for the first time.

    “Manon thanks Coca-Cola for genuine love for the opportunity,” he wrote. “I was like eh idol, but then if * ran with it. Ads need sounds like this, thanks.”

    You can see the Coca Cola advertisement above.


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