AUSTIN, Texas — The Biden administration again urged courts on Monday night to step in and suspend a new Texas law that has banned most abortions since early September, as clinics hundreds of miles away from Texas They are busy in traveling long distances to take care of their patients.

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The latest effort comes three days after the 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals last week reinstated the country’s most restrictive abortion law after a brief 48-hour period in which Texas abortion providers – following a blundering decision from a lower court – Had run away bring the patients again.

The coming days could be crucial in determining the immediate future of the legislation now known as Senate Bill 8, including whether there is another attempt to weigh in on the US Supreme Court.


The law in Texas prohibits abortion once cardiac activity is detected, which usually occurs at six weeks and some women even know they are pregnant. Although other GOP-controlled states have similar initial restrictions on abortions blocked by the courts, the Texas law has proven to be sustainable because the state applies solely to private citizens, who are liable to pay at least US$10,000 in damages if successfully suing abortion providers. can be collected in

The Justice Department told the appeals court, “If Texas’s plan permits, no constitutional right is protected from this kind of state-sanctioned sabotage.”

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In words that seemed to be a message to the Supreme Court, the Justice Department feared that if allowed to stand, the legal framework created in lawmaking would be used in 2008 and 2010 by the Supreme Court on gun rights. Decisions can be made to sidestep. and campaign financing.

It is unclear when a 5th Circuit court will decide whether to extend a temporary injunction currently in place to uphold Texas law.

Just as some Texas abortion providers last week moved to perform abortions once again for patients in the past six weeks, a New Orleans-based appeals court set that order aside when reviewing the case. Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in Texas, related to the court in a separate filing Monday night several stories of Texas women affected by the law, including a patient they said was only 12 years old. .

Lawyers for Planned Parenthood told the court, “Oklahoma employees are working overtime to care for Texas patients denied abortions.”

The Biden administration sued Texas last month after the law went into effect. Texas officials have defended the sanctions, which were signed in May by Republican Governor Greg Abbott, and say they have no ability to prevent private individuals from bringing trial.