Ubisoft confirms a big ‘Far Cry 2’ fan theory about the villain’s identity

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better the devil you know?

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Ubisoft has confirmed that far cry 2 – Jackal – actually already a player character totally different.

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talking to IGN how about the villain of totally different Clint Hawking – was appointed creative director far cry 2 – Shared who the jackal really is.

Confirming a decade’s worth of fan theories, Hawking revealed that “Sial is actually believed to be Jack Carver from the original totally different“.


Describing how the jackal changed from protagonist to antagonist, Hawking stated that “Jack Carver in the original totally different Was it a smuggler, a smuggler, a gun wielder? the idea was [the Jackal] He’s just that, ten years later or something, when he saw everything he saw on this island.”

Speculating that Carver might become the villain for a number of reasons, Hawking said that the overall idea for the change is that “a decade later, he’s leveled his smuggling game, and he’s embroiled in this conflict.” “.

The theory that Chris Carver and the jackal were one and the same has been going on since 2008, as demonstrated this forum post made just two weeks ago far cry 2 was launched.

As well as glimpses of a jackal similar to Carver, fans noticed that the characters shared a similar backstory – the Jackal’s files were also named after Carver. Nearly thirteen years of speculation and theories have been confirmed, with an official confirmation from Ubisoft.


In other news, Resident Evil Village re-imagined in the style of Castlevania In a miniature fan-made game. The producer shared that “the first thing I thought of while playing Resident Evil: Village how much it reminded me CastlevaniaSo I thought I should do a mash-up of both”.

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