‘UFL’ release date, gameplay and more for the ‘FIFA 2022’ and ‘eFootball’ rival

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The UFL and Strikerz, Inc. are coming to challenge Konami and EA’s eFootball and FIFA as both have been at loggerheads in recent years.

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That’s all change in the football gaming scene right now: as fifa starts moving towards its proper next generation set-up, pes changed your name e-football, and now there’s a whole new contender in the ring. To enter UFL: Brand new free-to-play soccer game for consoles Strikerz Inc., Which is ready to give established names a run for their money.

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Built on the Unreal Engine, and backed by a platform that the developer believes will be able to easily and seamlessly connect football fans around the world, the new competitive title is on the table for football/soccer fans around the world. Wants to have fair and free football. , The developer itself calls the game “a revolutionary new global online football league”, and reiterates that it will be dedicated to fair play.

If you’re curious to know more about this mysterious newcomer title, we’ve compiled all the information we have so far about UFL This has been revealed since the game was first introduced publicly at Gamescom 2021 Opening Night Live.


UFL Release date, platform and price

The big question everyone is asking about the game is ‘when’ UFL launch?’ At the time of writing, no release date has been published – however, Strikerz, Inc. has stated that we can expect more details about the game “soon”.

Similarly, the platform of the game has not yet been fully disclosed, yet we know that we are going to bring the game to the ‘console’. Whether it’s cross-gen, cross-played, or available on less powerful machines like the Nintendo Switch, remains to be seen. Console – as a catch-all term – typically PS5, PS4, Xbox Series S | Means X, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch, for what it’s worth.

In terms of cost: the game will be free-to-play (and seemingly not pay-to-win).

“The game will be available for free and we will be adding new features and updates regularly without any mandatory payments or annual fees,” Strikerz Inc. said in a press release. “The game is designed to be a fair-to-play experience that means a skill-first approach and zero pay-to-win options.”

We will update you with more information as it becomes available.


UFL Teams and Licenses

UFL There will be player parities and licenses from FIFPro – an organization that represents over 65,000 professional players from around the world (this is the same database FIFA uses in its games, for what it’s worth). At launch, the game will feature 5,000 licensed real-world players, who you can recruit and hunt in your own custom club, and you’ll be able to take that club against other real-world teams.

What teams you’ll be up against isn’t much known: at the time of writing, we’ve only seen West Ham Utd stadium and kit in gameplay footage.

Individual club and league licenses are yet to be disclosed, but more will be revealed in the times to come, we are sure.

The game will be kept up-to-date and player metrics will be calculated based on data provided by InStat, which will “provide detailed data and up-to-date statistics for each player,” according to a press release.

UFL Gameplay

We’ve yet to see a proper gameplay trailer — the best we have is the promo that’s embedded in the paragraph above — but we’ve got some insight into what to expect from the game, courtesy of Strykerz Inc. CEO Eugene Nashilov.

“We are football fans and passionate gamers – we have been playing football video games for years and we know what people want to see in a football simulator,” says Nashilov. “We want to reinvent football video gaming from the ground up, offering players around the world a revolutionary, exciting and fair play experience.”

The game has also been in development for five years, so it looks like Strikerz Inc. is really looking to launch with a bang.

We’ll update you with more information as the UFL becomes available.

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