UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock said in an interview on Wednesday that the 2011 film “Contagion” helped influence his approach to roll out the COVID-19 vaccine in Britain.

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Hancock was a guest on Britain’s LBC and talked about his decision to have enough vaccines to vaccinate every adult in the country. He Pointed to the film and said that he remembers some of the biggest challenges the characters faced when they were considering who to make innocent first.

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He He said the country ended the urge “enough for each adult to take their two doses”.

“But other than that, we asked that clinical advice long ago on a priority basis, and determined it publicly so that there was no major line on the priority order.”

The Independent newspaper was the first to report On the interview,

Vaccine supply is a sensitive issue in the European Union, which is sad that AstraZeneca cut the number of plans to supply to the EU in the near term.

The company said last month that it planned to reduce initial deliveries within the European Union from 80 million doses to 31 million doses due to lower yields from its manufacturing plants in Europe.

Hancock clarified that he would not say that the Steven Soderbergh flick was his “primary source of advice on this.”

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