‘Undertale’ follow-up ‘Deltarune Chapter 2’ gets free launch on Steam and Itch.io

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Fans can now get Chapter 2 for free

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For Steam and Itch.io Pages deltarune has been launched, which means recently released Chapter Two Now the final chapter is free to play with.

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After a surprise announcement earlier in the week, Deltarun Chapter 2 Now available to play via Steam or Itch.io. Developed by Toby Fox, the creator of Undertale, deltarune Has been described as “the next adventure”. Undertale Chain”.

whereas Chapter 1 And Chapter Two a. are free as part of deltarune Demos, chapters three through five are still in development “and will be available someday as part of a paid release”.


according to description deltarune‘s steam pageToby Fox describes “Undertaleparallel story” with the following:

“Meet characters new and old in a story that moves closer to its end, chapter by chapter. Dodge bullets in nonviolent RPG battles while you listen to funky, funky music. “

fans of Undertale One can expect the same fight-or-extra fighting, as well as “creative bullet-dodging battles inspired by games like Tohou and Chrono Trigger”. Fans will also see some familiar Undertale Characters including Sons and Toriel. Different Undertale, deltarune There will be only one ending, although a . In general question Toby Fox points out that “there is something more important than reaching the end”.

NS deltarune Demos – which include chapters one and two – can also be Itch.io. downloaded from.

conspiracy of deltarune (So ​​far) follows two children living in a city full of monsters, as they accidentally fall into the ‘Dark World’ and travel to save the area from the villainous King.


In other news, Riot Games outlines a new punishment for AFK players League of Legends. Since players who skip matches often ruin the game for their teammates, a new punishment called cue lockout would prevent repeat offenders from playing again for two weeks.

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