United Airlines has promised to train a diverse group of pilots in a new program.

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    United Airlines said on Tuesday that it has begun accepting applications for its new pilot school, which promises to use scholarships, loans and partnerships to help diversify into a profession that is highly white And is male.

    The airline said it planned to train 5,000 pilots at the school by 2030, of which half the students are aimed at women or people of color. The school, the United Aviate Academy in Phoenix, expects to enroll 100 students this year, and United and its credit card partner, JP Morgan Chase, are each earning $ 1.2 million in scholarships.

    According to federal statistics, about 94 percent of aircraft pilots and flight engineers are white and almost male. United said 7 percent of its pilots were women and 13 percent were not white.

    Airlines have an excess of staff during the epidemic, when demand for tickets drops sharply, and they have encouraged thousands, including many pilots, to retire early or take voluntary cards. Since September, approximately 1,000 joint pilots had retired or taken leave. Last week the airline said it would start hiring pilots again after halting last year.

    But the industry is facing a long-term shortage of pilots as many are nearing retirement age and many potential candidates have strayed from the cost of training, accounting for nearly $ 100,000 after accounting for the cost of flying lessons. Can reach.

    United is the first major US carrier to run its own pilot academy, although many foreign airlines have run similar programs for years. The company said it hoped the job would be guaranteed after graduation. The joint pilot said that apart from the plan to train 5,000 pilots, it would employ only those who have learned to fly elsewhere.

    United Aviate is for those with a wide range of experience, from novices to those who have never been to pilots who are already one of United’s regional allies. The airline stated that a student with flying experience could become a licensed pilot within two months and fly aircraft to survive after obtaining a commercial pilot license within one year. Within five years, that person can fly to United after becoming affiliated with a small airline to gain experience.

    The airline said it is also working for three historically black colleges and universities – Delaware State University, Elizabeth City State University and Hampton University. The first class of 20 students is expected to start this summer.

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