University of Guelph’s Project Serve celebrating 25 years of volunteerism

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In Guelph, Ontario, some 400 students, staff and faculty from the university of the same name are gathering for a massive volunteer program.

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Project Serve is a one-day community engagement event where University of Guelph volunteers help local service agencies and nonprofits.

They are celebrating their 25th anniversary this Saturday.


This is the first time since the start of the pandemic that they are doing a live event.

“We haven’t had a big project serve all day since COVID (started),” said Jayden Lakhani-Travis, a third-year co-op student and part of the school’s Student Volunteer Connection. “We are really excited to be putting these students together again and working again with all the community partners to bring this event together.”

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One of the objectives of Project Serve is to engage students in volunteering.

“We try our best to assign the student to various organizations,” said Mehak Patel, a peer helper with Student Volunteer Connections. “Students can step into volunteering, learn what it’s about and how it can impact the community.”

There are about 25 different organizations that will be involved in Project Serv. These include the Guelph Food Bank, Hanlon Creek Park, Marian’s Place, Green Legacy and the Guelph Community Orchard Project.

“Wyndham House is doing an online volunteer opportunity,” Lakhani-Travis said. “We have students brainstorming marketing ideas for them. It’s a different volunteer in the past but it’s very interesting. ,

For those who are unable to attend Saturday, other Project Serve events throughout the year will include Clean-Up Day in October at the Guelph Center for Urban Organic Farming at the University of Guelph as part of Sustainability Month.

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