Upcoming ‘Grounded’ update adds a sandbox and a dungeon

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Survive the desert and get into the dungeon

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of obsidian Earth October will receive a significant update that adds a new sandbox biome and improves the core system.

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Earth A game in which players have been reduced to the size of an ant and must overcome challenges to survive in a garden full of bugs. The Hot and Hazy update will expand the game by adding a new sandbox biome that acts as a large desert. Obsidian will also add to the first dungeon Earth, which will be a black anthill.

Players will be able to explore the sandbox to find treasure and combat the deadly heat. If players want to explore new lands without any hindrances, they’ll need to hunt in new areas. These will release the material needed to make the armor that provides immunity to heat.


Without armor, players would have to stay in the shade and avoid spending too much time exposed to harsh temperatures. The sandbox also includes a small oasis and a sandcastle for players to explore.

of grounded The first dungeon will also be available to players in the update. To reach it, players must descend into a large tunnel in the sand, according to Eurogamer. There will be opportunities to take down the ants and acquire materials to craft new gear. Black and Hill also has a miniboss that will need to be defeated over several stages.

The update also brings a new picnic table and trash can. This area offers more opportunities for resource gathering, platforming and exploration. The Mist Biome, which was introduced in the previous update, has also been improved. The area now houses an overhead research lab. New creatures have also been added to the zone, such as weevils, larvae, ladybirds and gnats.

elsewhere, Baldur Gate 3 Teasing a new class coming in the next update, as well as the equipped salute.

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