US B-1B Lancers arrived in Norway on Monday to participate in a “long-planned training mission” and operated these bombers out of the European country for the first time, a US Air Force statement said.

“Training with partners such as Norway enables us to enhance regional stability as well as improve our stability and defense capabilities,” the statement said, adding that Europe-Air Forces Africa commander US Air Force said.

The planes flew from Dias Air Force Base in Texas and arrived at Orland Air Station, which is in the central part of the country. The move is seen by some military experts as a clear message to Moscow.

“It appears to be a concerted effort to support our allies,” he told Forbes earlier this month, and begins to pressurize the Russians in such a way as they understand.

David X, aerospace and defense reporter for the magazine, wrote, “There’s a language for these operations. Bombers don’t just make bombs. They signal. That’s why they transmit intent and, in that way, erase the effect without affecting any monebing.”

Last month, President Biden called on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to discuss a range of topics on national security, including the renewal of a nuclear weapons treaty, a reward placed on US troops in Afghanistan, and intervention in the 2020 election.

The White House said in a statement, “President Biden made it clear that the United States would work vigorously in defense of its national interests in response to actions by Russia harming us or our allies.”

Granthshala News’ Caitlin McFall contributed to this report