Local children’s choir finds unique way to record music video during COVID-19 – East Idaho News

    REXBURG – This Christmas season, a local children’s choir spread Christmas joy in some unique ways.

    Rexburg Children’s Choir arranged for “For You as a Child Born” using green screen technology in a new video released on YouTube this week. It has 100 singers between the ages of 10 and 17, divided equally between Idaho Falls and Rexburg.

    Choir director Ben Watson told that his solution was to keep the choir alive during the video COVID-19.

    “I knew we wouldn’t be able to do a live concert, and even a traditional music video would be a challenge. This was when I got the idea to do a green screen video. Consulting with our videographer, Nick Sales After, we decided it could be a great idea. So we went with it, “says Watson.

    The video was filmed earlier this month. The enrollment burden was put on 100 singers due to the epidemic.

    Each singer came to record in front of a green screen at a time while Watson moderated them. Each performance was edited to show that each child was singing together on the same stage.

    Watson says that it takes seven hours to get through the whole singing.

    “I left home less than eight hours before my brother’s funeral in Texas before he began filming for the project.”

    Watson’s brother died of complications related to COVID-19, so he is familiar with how severe the virus can be to some people. Despite this, he wanted to do something to ensure that the choir still had to perform together.

    “I hope this video will help encourage choral directors around the world. Many have become frustrated at the lack of options and ideas to sustain singing in their schools and communities. With the power of recording technology – both visual and audible – choral music can move forward despite the challenges of our day.

    The song’s creator and American Thief directors executive director Tim Sharp says he is happy with the creativity of the production team in coming together to create something inspiring for the audience.

    “Ben Watson’s Virtual Demonstration to Produce You Are Untoo as Child is Born” is a testament to the human spirit of Hadell’s Messiah and is an example of creativity and ingenuity, “Tej says. “I couldn’t be more proud of each and every young singer in this performance, and for the producers who have performed how we can put singing in a creative and inspiring new way.”

    Others involved in the production of the video include the choir’s associate director Shere Hastings and the Intra Music Group. Nick Sales was a videographer and editor. Ken Dudley and Brian Carter were the tracking session producers and sound engineers.

    The video has been viewed more than 1,300 times as of Friday afternoon, and is receiving rave reviews. Look in the video player above.

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