USS Theodore Roosevelt Has New Coronavirus Outbreak

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    According to Navy officials, three sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt, who were the epicenter of the controversial outbreak last spring, have tested positive for coronovirus.

    Sailors who tested positive on Sunday were not experiencing any symptoms and were isolated onboard, which remained “fully operational”. Navy said in a statement on Monday.

    “The ship is following aggressive mitigation tactics in accordance with Navy and CDC guidelines, which include wearing mandatory masks, social distance and proper sanitation and hygiene practices,” the statement said.

    Last March, Theodore Roosevelt docked at a naval base in Guam, an American territory in the Pacific, as it was linked to a fast-spreading outbreak among his crew of 4,800. The warship battled the virus for weeks that infected at least 585 crew members, including one who died of complications resulting from coronovirus.

    As the ship struggled with the transition to its close, shared quarters, Captain Brett E., the commander of the ship at the time. Crozier sent a four-page letter to help the failed naval officers, seeking help, so that there was no failure to provide proper assistance. There is outbreak by transporting the sailors from the vessel.

    In the letter, Captain Crozier pushed from the ship to propel almost the entire crew and then extinguished and tested them while professionally cleaning the ship.

    “We are not at war,” Captain Crozier wrote. “Sailors do not need to die. If we no longer act, we are failing to take proper care of our most trusted asset – our sailors. “

    After the letter was leaked, Acting Navy Secretary Thomas B. Modi fired the captain before the investigation began to spark widespread criticism, including from Navy officials. The crew’s screaming and shouting “Captain Crozier” as he walked off the ship immediately went viral.

    Under fire, Mr. Modi later resigned.

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