A Virginia father gave a lewd speech in front of the Fairfax County Public School Board on Wednesday, urging the board to reopen the schools five days after nearly a year of closure due to COVID-19.

FCPS announced last week that it would reopen PreK-12 schools four days a week in April and five days next week, but Purple Straits managing director and father of three, Rory Cooper, says the school district Rules due to the cafeteria, her children only return to the person learning two days a week.

“My kindergartener first noticed inside a school in March,” Cooper said in his speech posted on Twitter and YouTube, noting that his son’s Little League team has been practicing since last fall. “His first instruction. That playground was off-limits. I think the board still splashes its match with Lysol.”

He He said his children will always have to struggle “to keep up with their cousins” and the millions of families who have been safe at school since September.

Cooper ended his speech by saying that he decided to move from Price George County, Maryland to Fairfax County, so that his children, who are in kindergarten, second grade and fifth grade, could get a better education.

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The three children were learning online until March, but are now in school two days a week despite the county’s announcement to return four days a week.

Superintendent Scott Brabrand’s order to reopen the schools four days a week left the final decision to individual schools and the district Cafeteria rules Cooper explained, requiring a social distance of 6 feet, some schools only allow children to return to learning two days per week.

“He lied,” he said of the school board’s promise to reopen four days a week.


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated it in mid-March K-12 school elimination guidelines To say schools can essentially reopen safely with the use of masks enforcing a social disturbance of just 3 feet between students.

The father of three hears from “parents across the political spectrum every day”, who are “completely traumatized with disability” of the school board, he said.

Fairfax County, Virginia parents expressed disappointment at reopening school district restrictions

More than 40% of school districts across the US have reopened full-time by March 29, while 51%, including FCPS, have adopted the hybrid-learning model, the American Enterprise Institute Return to Know Tracker Shows.

The CDC said in January that “little evidence” schools “have made a meaningful contribution to enhancing community communication.” In February, the agency said that the adverse effects of virtual learning have increased the risk of transmitting the virus during school learning.

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CDC Director Rochelle Wallensky told reporters at the time, “When schools are opening up, there is more proliferation in the community when schools are not open.”

The CDC’s guidelines for reopening a school also do not require teacher vaccination to reopen schools, although teachers in most states are already eligible to receive the vaccine if they sign up for it. Virginia moved into its second vaccination phase, which included teachers in January.

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The Department of Education has also released two volumes of the “COVID-19 Handbook”, the second section of which addresses “the social, emotional, mental-health and educational impacts of the epidemic on students”.

“In-person learning is not an option,” US Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said in a Friday statement. “But as schools open their doors, we must also ensure that we are meeting the social, emotional, physical, mental-health and educational needs of students, and addressing gaps that already exist – And were eliminated by the epidemic. “

FCPS Office of Research and Strategic Improvement Study Middle and high school students in November were seen to have less academic success as a result of online learning.

Fairfax County COVID-19 cases have been declining since January as more people receive the vaccine; More than 15% of the country’s population has been vaccinated, According to CDC

The Fairfax County Health Department reported 167 new COVID-19 cases on Friday. The county has recorded 16 deaths in the last two weeks and about 15 cases per 100,000 people, According to The New York Times’ COVID-19 Tracker.