Vampire survival game ‘V Rising’ shows unique gameplay in new trailer

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Showcasing some very unique survival elements

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Upcoming Vampire Survival Game we rising There’s a new gameplay trailer ahead of its beta release later in the year.

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we rising comes from the developers of battleright, and is a new take on the survival genre, assigning tasks to the player thriving as a vampire with limited resources.


Gameplay Trailer for we rising Shows that players will be able to use crafting mechanics to build castles, learn to ride a horse, and survive daylight to keep their vampire-selves alive.

Combat is also featured, as players will have the option of looting villages, raiding camps, and fighting supernatural entities for survival. It looks like this is done through a classic brawler style with additional skills – including the ability to transform into a bat.

one in blog post Johan Ilves, Marketing Director of Stunlock Studios said that the day/night division will be one of the most unique and different elements. “In my opinion,” he said, “hiding from the sun is one of the best elements of survival. we rising

“Visually, we have made the night very pleasant, so as a player you will feel like a vampire at home at night, while the day is a little more gloomy. Night day to give you plenty of hunting time You can still explore the world by walking in the shade during the day, because any prolonged exposure to sunlight will burn you to ashes.”

In other news, 2D platformer Freedom Planet 2 There’s now an official release window, as well as a revised trailer that shows off the game’s new world map.

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