‘Vandavision’ is an X-Men reference to Pietro’s Halloween hair

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    (Marvel Studios and Disney + spoilers Vandavision Will be found below.)

    Surprised after the arrival of Evan Peters Vandavision As Pietro, Wanda’s first deceased brother, fans had all kinds of questions about the multiverse’s use of the show and whether it would bring the X-Men to the MCU now that Disney owns the rights to the characters. Heck by the next episode, Pietro in a Halloween costume was apparently aped from the comics to the original form of QuickSilver. But while the costume should have fanned the X-Men rabbit hole, there was a prevalent theory that Pietro’s hair looked like a horn and was actually a visual clue that he is secretly Mephisto.

    Well, now, we have an official answer, and if you are thinking about the universal confrontation of MCU and X-Men, you will be very happy. According to the hair and makeup team Vandavision, Pietro’s hair was a purposeful callback to two classic mutants from the Fox films. Indiewire:

    One element fans are thinking about is the hairstyling of Ivan Peters’ recast Pietro. Was there a deliberate callback to the role of Wolverine and Peters as the quicksilver in the “X-Man” movies? “It was really Matt [wanted]. They made plans like this, ”said Bartek. Sawyer states that he tried to reconcile the two universes.

    As Vandavision Nearing its finale, fans expect Wanda to return to her comic roots after the show featured Wanda as part of the X-Men universe. In fact, this week, Marvel fans trended on Twitter as they dropped the theory that the powerful mutants would appear on the show and reveal themselves as the true fathers of Wanda and Pietro. Is this also a possibility? It is possible! Vandavision It’s all about Wanda’s increasingly powerful ability to change reality, so literally nothing is on the table.

    (Via indiever)


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