Vanessa Marquez’s mother has arrived in a colony in South Pasadena, California, about three years after the actress was badly shot by police.

Marquez’s mother, Delia McFleresh, reached a settlement of $ 450,000 with the city after filing a wrongful death lawsuit, the city of South Pasadena confirmed to Granthshala News.

As previously reported, police were responding to a welfare check at Marquez’s home in 2018 when he allegedly brandished a “BB-type” gun, causing an officer to open fire on the 49-year-old.

South Pasadena Mayor confirmed the agreement in a statement.

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Mayor Diana Mahmood said, “Any loss of life is tragic.” “However, I can now report that the parties have reached a mutually agreed settlement in the amount of $ 450,000 to save the parties the costs associated with lengthy litigation.”

Vanessa Marquez was badly shot by police during a wellness check at her Southern California home in 2018.

Vanessa Marquez was badly shot by police during a wellness check at her Southern California home in 2018.
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A news release from the city stated that its risk pool would cover “most” of the costs of settlement and litigation.

The trial of McFlesh’s wrongful death alleges unlawful entry into the city, improper detention, excessive force and violation of due process.

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The mother also returned a legal claim in 2019, seeking a $ 20 million reinstatement. Claims include alleged battery, negligence, unlawful entry, false arrest and imprisonment, wrongful death, negligent training, conspiracy, property confiscation, failure to call for speedy medical care and violation of the Bain Act – violence due to race, color Forbids actions. , Religion, lineage, national origin etc.

The settlement states that all claims will be dismissed with prejudice.

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Last March, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office decided it would not file criminal charges against two police officers in the shooting. According to the LA Times, the office ruled those rulers legally because they believed it to be “an imminent threat of great bodily injury or death.”

Marquez received the first few seasons of the hit medical drama “ER” by Dr. Wendy was known for her recurring role as Goldman. She Also played in the Oscar-winning film “Stand and Deliver”.

In the months following Marquez’s death, his co-stars petitioned the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to include Marquez in 2019 in the 2019 “In Memoriam” section of the Oscar show.

Granthshala News’ Tyler McCarthy contributed to this report.