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Granthshala Business’s Stuart Varney argued during his latest “My Take” on “Warney and Company” that the new COVID-19 version is a “test” for President Biden and Democrat governors.

Stuart Varney: Omicron is the test of the Biden Presidency.


It is also a test for Democrat governors.

within the party, There is a tendency to go for restrictions. Top to bottom authority. Do it. Do not do this. They claim it keeps us ‘safe’.

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Well, now what?

O’Micron has arrived and it’s spreading. What is our response? Dr. Fauci will not rule out the new lockdown. He is saying, without hard knowledge, we must be prepared for the worst.

The governor of New York has declared a state of emergency. Elective surgeries have been banned in the state.

The President has said many times that he will follow science. If this means new restrictions on travel, or workplace or social gatherings, it will hurt the economy. When we are dealing with inflation, labor shortage and supply chain problems, it will not bode well.

They have already stopped travel from 8 southern African countries. And it has sent a chill through the international travel business.

At 11:45 a.m. this morning, the president will make a statement: He will tell the nation what his administration will do about O’Microon.

Faced with many crises, of his own making, this is an opportunity for this president to lead.