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Granthshala Business’s Stuart Varney argued that high-tax Democrat states such as New York and California are “tax prisons” during his latest “My Take” on Varney and Co.

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Stuart Varney: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the tax prison known as New York, New Jersey, California or just about any high tax Democrat state.

I say ‘jail’ because these states won’t let you go out when it comes to taxes.

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Here’s the story:

millions of people Work From a different state during the pandemic. So which state gets your tax payments?

For example, let’s say you lived in New York but left to work remotely in Florida. The conventional wisdom is that if you spent 183 days in Florida, just over six months, you pay Florida taxes — wrong.

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it’s not that easy. You really have to jump through hoops to escape. And to be honest, it’s almost impossible.

You must show and prove that you have a new “domicile”. This is a completely new life.

you have to sell your old house or apartment. Change your dentist, doctor, pharmacy, vet and your kids school. If your office—your “place of employment”—is in New York, even if you’ve never set foot in it, you’ll almost certainly pay taxes to New York.

The state is already sending out letters to accountants warning that an audit is underway if you claim to leave. And they may come for you by 2024. They’re warning: we’ll catch you.

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New York is particularly harsh, but other high-tax states have very similar restrictions. They want your money.

Millions thought they had fled to the lowly promised land taxes. They’re about to find out that no one can escape the Democrats’ tax prison.