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A New York City teen accused of stealing a phone from an unknown subway rider realized the hard way that he wasn’t fast enough to keep up with the nearby NYPD Transit Police.

In footage released Friday by the NYPD, a teen can be seen running down a Brooklyn subway platform and flying down stairs as a transit officer’s body camera keeps rolling.


NYPD officers rescue child who held breath, captured on police bodycam

The officer, in his 40s, continues to chase the 15-year-old suspect through the station’s underpass, where the officer stumbles off the turnstile before eventually being chased down the street.

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The officer chases the teen around a corner, and the suspect gives up and can be heard saying, “Okay, okay!”

The suspect is then taken down and cuffed by the officer. The daughter of the theft victim comes and says, “You guys are smart.”

The NYPD says the teen has been charged with mass theft and criminal possession of stolen property.