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The last two years seem to have been a constant crisis -aside from the coronavirus pandemic.

Rising prices for cars, gas, appliances, lumber, homes and food have rekindled the miseries of the 1970s.


Chaos defines the boundary.

A new divisive tribalism focused on the “critical race theory”.

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Cinema recording worker in ASU bathroom defends action, accusing critics of being ‘tone police’

The CIA, the FBI, the IRS, the NSA, and the Pentagon have non-elected Washington grandees—such as John Brennan, James Comey, Lois Lerner, General Mark Milley, and Robert Mueller—under oath of ignorance or misrepresentation—or enforcing laws without consequences. break or ignore.

From the Electoral College to the Supreme Court for 150 years, ancient customs and laws are under attack.

The current administration looks to the United Nations, the World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Agreement as answers to America’s problems.

What is happening?

Progressives say they will pass infrastructure and reconciliation; ‘We’re going to get it done’

All these daily melodramas are natural dividends of the dwindling power of the politically, economically, socially and culturally independent American citizen. Citizens are becoming inactive as radical ideas take root which our founders never imagined.

Then, what once distinguished Western democracies in general, and the American Republic in particular, was strong citizenship.

A chaotic and broad middle class checked the privilege and leverage of the rich. Yet it lacked the dependency—and often envy—of the poor. The middle class was economically autonomous. Its ensuing empowerment ruled the electorate.

Americans once viewed the physical space of the United States as sacred and their own laboratory of democracy. Immigrants arrived in a diverse and legal way. As guests, all newcomers were expected to integrate and assimilate into American civic identity.

America was one of the few successful multiracial and multiracial democracies in history. And Americans acknowledged through civic education and constant self-criticism that the ancient and global plague of tribalism only led to national oblivion.

Biden ‘not looking for new Cold War with China’ in UN speech, says military should be ‘weapon of last resort’

So, he worked hard to achieve Martin Luther King, Jr.’s view that our characters, not our race, are what matters.

There were other challenges to citizenship as the country grew powerful and prosperous. A vast government bureaucracy has fraudulently appropriated power from elected officials to “improve” – ​​but often to the detriment – of Americans’ lives.

Since these administrators of a permanent state were presented as our ancestral benefactors, some citizens had previously objected to the steep increase in taxes and non-elected office bearers.

But soon citizens began to worry that the unelected of our bureaucracy had combined the roles of the judicial, executive and legislative branches. So often government grandees served as judges, juries and executioners when their rules, orders, fines and punishments bulldozed vulnerable citizens without state resources.

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More formally, our professional legal, academic and politically active elites have lost faith in ancient customs and the Constitution itself. They despise the fact that our traditions have privileged individual liberty over equality forced by a government of consequence.

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Over the past two years, we have seen progressive efforts to end the 233-year-old Electoral College and constitutional guarantees to set its own voting protocols during national elections. The 150-year-old nine-judge Supreme Court, the 180-year-old Senate filibuster, and the 60-year notion of a 50-state union, are all similarly now under attack.

Apparently, the Left feels that these customs and laws hinder our march to radical socialist democracy – or more likely what 51 percent of people prefer on any given day.

Globalization has produced two Americans over the past half century. A limited government red is that of states whose manufacturing, assembling and processing plants were shipped overseas or were closed. In contrast, the privileged bicoastal elite of blue states prospered in the new multi-billion dollar markets for their legal, educational, financial, investment and technical expertise.

Soon politics followed money. And today our governing and professional classes often feel more at home with global norms – with various UN commissions, EU social customs and directives from the World Health Organization or the International Criminal Court – than they do with their own Let’s do it with fellow Americans. .

Yet if we restore the core idea of ​​empowered citizens, many of our current woes will disappear.

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