‘Victoria 3’ developers defend inclusion of slavery

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“What statement would we make if we removed all enslaved persons from history?”

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Developers of Grand Strategy Simulation Victoria 3 He has told about his decision to include slavery in the game.

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Taking to their weekly dev blog, game director Martin Unward, also known as Visitington, began by saying that “Slavery is, obviously, a horrific crime against humanity and for precisely this reason, many games that have a setting or mechanics related to slavery. For Victoria 3“We don’t think these options work for us for two main reasons.”

“The first is because it was an important political issue at the time and a major catalyst for many important conflicts, most notably the American Civil War which would be oddly contextless if slavery did not play a significant role in the game.”


“The second, and most important reason is that through our (population system) we have been trying to represent every person on the planet since 1836, what statement would we be making if we were to remove all enslaved persons out of history? Write them down, or reduce them into an abstract set of modifiers?

“Instead, we aim to represent the institution, systems, and causes of slavery, as well as those who live under and fight against it, as close to history as we can get to it. We simply believe that that this is the most respectful way for us to handle this subject, as well as the way it is most appropriate for the sport Victoria 3 aspires to be.”

The blog then goes on to explore how the slavery mechanic would work in relation to labor and the changing laws surrounding slavery.

“Of course, trying to abolish slavery is unlikely to happen without resistance – those wealthy elites who benefit from it have a vested interest in defending them.”


“Paradox Development Studio invites you to build your ideal society in the exciting and transformative upheaval of the 19th century,” says steam listing. “Balance competing interests in your society and earn your place in the sun Victoria 3

While it has no release date Victoria 3, it will eventually come to PC.

This isn’t the first time the team has focused on the inclusion of slavery in the sport.

In an interview, the developers said, “We can’t believe we got it right. There are going to be things that are controversial in the game. And there may be some things that we’ve misrepresented and we learn from that.” and we will adjust going forward.

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