Video of a monster splinter bursting out of man’s foot will make you jump

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Having something under your skin is never a good feeling – so spare a thought for this guy who had a “monster” lurking in his leg.

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This toe-curling clip shows the moment a giant piece of wood was removed from his foot—when he walked around with it for WEEKS.

Jake’s toe looks small at the beginning of the videocredit: twitter
But its true size is known only when a piece of wood is torn apart by the ball of his foot.

But its true size is known only when a piece of wood is torn apart by the ball of his twitter

The small puncture in the sole of the patient’s foot was actually a sharp piece of wood – much to his doctor’s surprise.


The astonished medic explained that he had previously tried to flush out the sick splinter without success.

“Jake told me he had a splinter on his leg,” he said. “We made a sincere effort to achieve this, like a real honest effort.”

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Oddly satisfying footage shows the doctor trying to manipulate the piece with a tool, while a female friend recording the extraction can be heard gasping.

He continues: “Now, a couple of weeks later, this little guy — oh my god — I guess X-Ray wasn’t kidding!”

After gently applying pressure to the surrounding area, giant splatters are seen erupting from the ball of Jake’s foot – which is very scary for the people in the room.

“Oh my god! That’s a great video! We got that video on!” An excited doctor says. “This monster was at Jake’s foot.”

The brave patient barely moves as an inch-long piece of wood—which rivals the length of his big foot—escapes his skin.

He even goes as far as to say that he “feels like he’s being kidnapped” when he questions the audience’s reaction to horror, as they are scary.

Jake is then heard asking comically but calmly: “Is it outside?”

The shocking moment shared on Twitter after he was taken out of his leg has garnered over 3 million views.

The gut-wrenching video received mixed reactions online, as some said it was “satisfying”, while others explained it made them feel sick.

“Was not expecting this,” tweeted one.

“Master Splinter”

Another said: “I’ve seen it so many times but every time it makes me gasp audibly, I can’t imagine how it feels!”

A third user said it left them “shocked, disgusted and a bit entertained”.

But one wrote: “Nothing more satisfying than that. Sorry, I’m a podiatrist and enjoy finding foreign bodies in people’s feet.”

Another dubbed it “Master Splinter”, a reference to the fictional mouse trainer of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Others also added cartoon sound effects to the hilarious as the splinter rises to the surface.

Some even shared their horror stories after receiving a dreaded splinter.

It is not clear how Jake got the giant splint in his leg or where the extraction took place.

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