Video reveals moment docs discover truth about ‘foreign body’ lodged in eyeball

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This video reveals the moment when doctors discovered the horrifying truth behind a patient’s eye pain.

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A 34-year-old man received treatment at an eye hospital in China and claimed that something was stuck in his eyeball.

The image above shows a worm in the eye of a 34-year-old man presenting at an eye hospital in Chinacredit:

He said he felt as if there was a “foreign body” and that his right eye was itchy.


Experts from the United Shantou International Eye Center, Shantou, China, said the man had no known medical history and lived on a farm with his dog.

The experts examined his eye with slit-microscopy.

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Through this investigation he found two live worms under the upper eyelid.

In this gruesome video, the man’s eyelid is fully opened and tiny translucent insects are sliding on the pupil of his eye.

Experts gave the man an anesthetic subject and the worm was removed with a fine forceps.

After removing the worms, they were sent to the parasitology lab for examination.

She was identified as Thelagia Calypeda.

These parasites were first found on dogs in China in 1910 and since then thousands of cases have been reported in the medical literature.

These can pass from animals to humans. The most typical way for parasites to be passed on is if a fly containing the parasite lands on a dog or cat—which then passes it on to its human owner.

writing in New England Journal of Medicine Experts explain that they are a “parasitic worm carried and transmitted by drosophilid flies, feeding on eye secretions and depositing larvae in the eyes of the definitive host, usually a dog but occasionally a human. “

The man had a follow-up after a month and no longer felt any foreign body in his eye and has not reported a recurrence since.

Humans can change the size of their pupils on demand by simply thinking about

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