Video shows aftermath of car crash caused by rogue cicada

This is a popular police video.

Police in Cincinnati released bodycam footage Thursday that showed a driver who had a “pesky” cicada blown into his face while on the road Monday.

Vincent Bingham, 20, told The Post on Thursday, “I had a different reaction and ended up totaling the car.”

police Posted footage on Facebook, cracking, “The story of a cicada that caused a driver an accident at Riverside Dr. It was discussed locally and nationally earlier in the week! Weird insects aren’t just loud, they’ve proven dangerous!”

The 52-second clip begins with Bingham as police and fire officers surveying the crash site and cicada fever fluttering in the background.

Vincent Bingham who crashed his car because of a cicada in Cincinnati.
Vincent Bingham smashes his car into a utility pole after a cicada flies in the face.
Cincinnati PD

“You okay dude?” A first responder asks Bingham. “What happened?”

“I was driving and I think it was a cicada that flew off and hit me straight in the face,” Bingham said. “And when that happened I, you know, reacted.”

Shocked by the freak encounter, Bingham smashes his car into a nearby utility pole. His ride was wrecked, but police said his seatbelt and the vehicle’s airbag saved him from serious injuries.

Vincent Bingham who crashed his car because of a cicada in Cincinnatic
Bingham needs a new vehicle to work after the wreck and is trying to raise funds.

Another driver said he was behind Bingham about a quarter mile before the accident, adding that the startled person was not as fast or as fast as before.

“No, he wasn’t speeding or anything,” recalled the witness. “It’s okay, like, suddenly he went to the right and grabbed that pole.”

The defendant officer said he was “tempted to believe” Bingham’s story because a cicada was stuck in the console of his police cruiser, prompting the witness to say that he had previously also had a car in his car. Large insects were found.

Bingham, of New Richmond, is now trying to raise money for a new set of wheels. He had full insurance on the Lease 2017 cruise in October, but “that’s not going to get me another car,” he told The Post, recalling the wreck.

“I had my windows down – I didn’t have AC – and a cicada came out of nowhere and hit me in the face,” Bingham said during a phone interview.

Vincent Bingham who crashed his car because of a cicada in Cincinnatic
Police said Bingham was saved from serious injuries by his seatbelt and the vehicle’s airbag.

Bingham, who works as a truck driver for a waste management company, said the lack of wheels forced him to take a leave on Thursday.

“They still want me to come later,” he said of his employer. “I don’t know, I have a lot going on.”

Vincent Bingham who crashed his car because of a cicada in Cincinnatic
“I took a split second reaction and ended up totaling the car,” a depressed Bingham told The Post.
Cincinnati PD

Meanwhile, Bingham’s fundraiser had raised just $60 as of Thursday.

The website reads, “My car completely broke down and actually smashed into a steel pole as a cicada flew into my driver’s window and hit my face and made me lose control of the car.” “Any help I can get I’m [grateful] for. Thank you.”


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