There is a new “village” in Los Angeles – and it is full of small houses.

Earlier this month, Valley Rescue Mission’s nonprofit Asha “opened” its firstTiny Home Village, ”To help combat homelessness.

The first village – built on Chandler Boulevard in partnership with the city of Los Angeles – has 40 small homes and 75 beds that the Hope of the Valley will offer to those trying to find permanent housing.

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Each of the small houses is 64 square feet and has two beds, heating, air conditioning, windows, a small desk and a front door that is lock-in Website And a Travel Village led by Ken Craft, founder and CEO of Hope of the Valley.

Residents will also have access to a sanitation trailer, which will have five showers, five toilets and five sinks and laundry facilities, with five washers and dryers. Residents will be given three meals a day and some small houses are wheelchair accessible.

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According to Kraft’s tour, the village is also pet-friendly and has a dedicated dog.

According to the website, support services like case management, housing navigation, mental health help, job training and placement will be provided to the residents.

  Skyscraper tents are depicted near the highway in LA downtown with skyscrapers.  (IStock)

Skyscraper tents are depicted near the highway in LA downtown with skyscrapers. (IStock)

“It’s an incredible community where people will live together, but they all have something: they’re trying to avoid being homeless,” Kraft said during the tour. “They are trying to overcome obstacles and obstacles that are unheard of.”

According to the nonprofit, Chandler Boulevard Village is the first city of its kind in the Los Angeles area.

However, Hope of the Valley plans to open another village in April. According to the nonprofit, the village of Alexandria Park will have 103 small houses and 200 beds Website.

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in Caption on tour, Hope of the Valley, said its village would give people a chance to get back on their feet.

“A small home provides security and peace of mind, allowing residents to lock in their personal belongings and engage in their community, access jobs, and participate in other important activities for placement in permanent housing. The shelter gets permission to leave, ”the nonprofit wrote. “We’re doing great to make our best history!”