“Vincenzo” and “Times” both saw ratings increases for their 2 episodes

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    Both TVN’s “Vinkenzo” and OCN’s “Times” are on the rise!

    On 21 February, both new plays enjoyed a significant increase in viewership for their second night in the air. After kicking off earlier in the night with the third-highest premiere rating of any weekend drama in TVN History, Song Jong’s new drama “Winkenzo” averaged 9.3 percent nationwide ratings and 10.8 percent for its second episode.

    Lee Xu Young and Lee Seo Jin’s new time-war mystery drama “Times” also saw a significant increase in viewership from its premiere, capturing an average nationwide rating of 2.7 percent and a peak of 3.4 percent for its second broadcast .

    TV Chosun’s “Love (ft. Marriage and Divorce)” recorded an average nationwide rating of 8.7 percent for the evening, while KBS2TV’s “Homemade Love Story” was Sunday night’s most-watched drama, with an average rating of 30 percent and 32.4 percent. For its two parts.

    Which of these weekend dramas has caught you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

    See “Times” with subtitles here …

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    … and “Homemade Love Story” here!

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