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An 84-year-old man allegedly killed his Virginia realtor after he bought a house overlooking her and killed himself last week after police arrived, police said.

The Portsmouth Police Department said in a release that 84-year-old Albert A. Baglione told responding officers in Portsmouth, Virginia, last Friday that he had fatally shot his realtor, Soren Arn-Olschlegel, 41. He was armed when the officers opened the door.


Baglione then closed his door and the officers heard gunshots. After setting up a perimeter, the SWAT team found him dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound, the release said. Arn-Olschlegel was also found dead inside from a gunshot wound.

A neighbor told WTKR-TV in Norfolk, Virginia, Baglione had only lived in the house for a few days after buying it and had never seen it and wanted to return it.

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“He bought the overlooked house from Alabama, moved here on Thursday, and called a real estate agent on Friday to return home,” the neighbor reported.

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“Baglione said it didn’t look like the pictures,” his neighbor told the newspaper. “He told his son he was unhappy and was going to talk to his agent about it.”

Baglione reportedly called his son to confess to the alleged murder.

Police have not given an official reason.

A friend of Arn-Olschlegel, who worked for Long & Foster Real Estate in Suffolk, Virginia, was shocked by his death.

“I literally had to read it four to five times and was like, ‘It makes no sense,'” Hampton Roads Pride president Rudy Almanzor told WTKR. “We are here to build community, and we are missing one building block.”

Arn-Olschlegel has been a member of Hampton Roads Pride for years.

Almanzor called him “lively”.

“He always had a lot of energy,” he added station. “I’ve never seen him smile, laugh, and have fun. He worked hard, worked hard.”

The 750-square-foot one-story home was purchased on October 4 for $160,000 virginia-pilot informed of. According to the newspaper, Baglion saw it in an online listing and paid cash before stepping inside.

Arn-Oelschlegel reportedly wrote about the sale on Facebook on October 5. “Congratulations to my out-of-town buyer. I’m so glad I was able to find her a home that fits her needs.”

Long & Foster released a statement about his death on Wednesday.

“Our Long & Foster family is devastated by the tragic loss of our dear colleague and friend, Soren Arn-Allschlegel. His loss will be felt not only in our company, but in the greater real estate community and the Hampton Roads area as well. ”