Virginia woman hospitalised and hallucinating after venomous spider bites her lip

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A Virginia woman was left hallucinating and thought she was going to die after being bitten on the lip by a brown recluse spider.

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Sherri Maddox was on a 10-hour kayaking trip down the Stanton River when she was bitten by a spider, but didn’t initially know how serious the bite was.

When the pain was still there the next day, Ms Maddox sought antibiotics – but the area became incredibly swollen and it soon became clear the problem was serious.


“I’m almost 50, and I’ve been swimming in Staunton River since I was 6,” Ms Maddox told Fox News.

“I was just praying I wasn’t going to die because I hear horror stories and you look on the internet and see it all.”

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At one point, Ms Maddox told Fox News, she hallucinated, not realizing she had been moved from one hospital to another, instead imagining that she was still at home.

She “thought it was because of the pain medication they gave me, but I heard from many different people that this is what spider venom does,” she told the outlet.

After being admitted to the hospital, doctors realized that the bite must have come from a brown recluse spider, also known as the ‘violin spider’ because of the instrument-shaped marks on its body. Brown recluse spiders are among a small number of venomous spiders in America.

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