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Virginia’s Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted on Tuesday to launch a study about the history of racial discrimination in the county and whether reparations would be appropriate.

County Supervisor Julie Briskman linked her proposal specifically to the county, which continued to segregate schools for 14 years following the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark Brown v. Board of Education decision, Granthshala 5 in Washington DC reported. .


Resolution 6–3 was passed, with observers who voted against criticizing it for not being specific enough in its goals, according to Loudoun Times.

Taking Anti-Critical Race Theory Org to Loudoun County School Board in Half a Million Dollar Ad

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Critical race theory became a flashpoint in the county over the summer, with protests outside schools, a board meeting that ended in arrest and a lawsuit brought against the district by a teacher who was suspended for not using a transgender pronoun. had gone, Washington Post informed of.

“The anti-CRT movement is very much about ‘today’ and what we’re teaching today,” Briskman said according to Granthshala 5. And my board member initiative is looking at potential damages because we operated different schools illegally. Against the decision of Brown v. Board of Education.”

Briskman dismissed much of the rhetoric around CRT as political.

“I just encourage my Joint Commission or whatever committee to come out of it, just ignore the outside noise because what’s happening to Fairfax and us has very little to do with us and in many ways. in the ‘message test’ has to do with the 2022 elections and beyond,” she said, according to Granthshala 5.