Vladimir Putin announces ‘partial mobilisation’ in escalation of war

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Vladimir Putin was accused on Wednesday of turning his country into a “global pariah” after escalating his “failed” war in Ukraine with a partial mobilization of Russian troops and the threat of a nuclear attack on the West.

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In a televised address, the Russian president claimed that his decision to call the reservists was to preserve the territorial integrity of his country, which he alleged was a Western invasion.

He also warned that his nuclear-armed country had “too many weapons to respond” and would use “all the means at our disposal” to retaliate, adding that his threats were “not deceitful”. Was. But his remarks – which follow a succession of Russian defeats on the battlefield that have seen Ukraine retake large swathes of territory – provoked a swift international backlash.


Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said Putin’s action was an acknowledgment that Ukraine was winning the war and accused him of sacrificing thousands of Russian soldiers on his failed mission.

“President Putin’s breaking of his own promises not to mobilize parts of the population and illegal annexation of parts of Ukraine is an acknowledgment that his invasion is failing,” Mr Wallace said. “He and his defense minister have sent thousands of their own civilians to their deaths, who are poorly equipped and badly led.

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