Vice President Kamala Harris is proving that she will play an important role in the White House, as she hosts with foreign leaders without President Biden.

A White House readout published on Monday revealed that Harris made a call with French President Emmanuel Macron, where he “Expressed its commitment to strengthen bilateral relations

“Vice President Harris and President Macron agreed on the need for bilateral and multilateral cooperation to support COVID-19, climate change, and democracy at home and in the world,” the statement said. “He also discussed a number of regional challenges, including those from the Middle East and Africa, and the need to face them together.”

The President himself made a call in Macron on 24 January last month.

Although Biden is aware of many leaders in the world that he will deal with his term as vice president in the Obama administration, he probably has not dealt extensively with Macron since he was elected in 2017.

A White House spokesman did not return a request for comment from Granthshala News.

PSAKI SAID BIDEN will be done without Netanyahu without a call with ‘SOON’ within 3 days: ‘Irayal is an important ally’

Noted by Council on Foreign RelationsThe role of the vice president in foreign policy has increased since the mid-20th century. Dick Cheney is credited with shaping President George W. Bush’s foreign policy priorities and Biden manages relations with his major countries under President Barack Obama.

However, conservatives have reiterated concerns about Biden’s ability to serve as the oldest president elected at the age of 78 in his four-year term.

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates questioned in 2019 whether older people, such as Biden, have the mental acumen or energy necessary for the president.

Regarding Biden on the one hand, it has long been expected that Harris will play a central role in the administration.

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Biden has also come under scrutiny for not reaching out to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, White House press secretary Jane Saki assured reporters that a call would be “soon” – although she admitted she could not pinpoint an exact date.

Sasaki said Netanyahu would be the first leader of the region to receive a call from Biden, and confirmed that Israel is an “important ally” to the US.

Biden called Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexico’s President Andres Manuel López Obrador the week he inaugurated.

Harris conducted a standalone call with Trudeau shortly after Biden.