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Walmart on Thursday launched a virtual dressing room tool to entice more online shoppers to buy clothes.

Be your own model, which allows customers to use their photos to better imagine how the company’s clothing will look on them,” creates a simplification of shopping that we believe will be very appealing to the customer ,” Walmart said.


The feature, which uses the Zeekit virtual try-on platform, is rolling out to iOS users of the Walmart app, and it currently works for more than 270,000 women’s apparel items, according to the Arkansas-based retailer .

Online prices rise in August as food, apparel lead gains

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“With the Be Your Own model, a customer sees shadows, a hyper-realistic simulation with fabric draping and where clothes fall onto their figure in seconds,” the company said.

The new feature comes as the country’s largest retailer, like its competitors, is offering discounts to get rid of excess inventory.

Higher prices are forcing buyers to cut back on discretionary items, especially clothing, which carry higher profit margins. However, the convenience of a virtual dressing room may prompt more shoppers to shop, effectively helping a retailer to get rid of even more discretionary items.

The feature is also a way to capitalize on the expected surge in online shopping demand during the holiday season.

Retail sales rise unexpectedly in August despite high inflation

Deloitte Vice Chairman Nick Hendrinos said in a recent holiday sales forecast that higher costs are expected to drive e-commerce sales growth as more consumers seek online deals to “maximize their spending.” .

Deloitte projected that e-commerce sales would grow between 12.8% and 14.3% compared to a year ago. Deloitte said e-commerce sales grew 8.4% over the past holiday season.

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The company says an older version of the feature launched earlier this year, the Choose My model, “received great customer response.” This feature lets customers choose a model that looks like them to try on an item.

Walmart claims the latest upgrade is the “most realistic application” on the market. The company also said that it is the first to offer a large-scale virtual try-on experience for apparel brands.

To use the feature, customers will be prompted to take a picture of themselves within the Walmart iOS app. When their image is uploaded and saved, users will be able to see themselves as the model during each use.

Walmart also plans to roll out the feature for Android devices in the coming weeks.