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A Walmart worker resigns after abusing a Louisiana store’s loudspeaker.


Beth McGrath posted the video of her resignation to Facebook.

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“Attention Walmart shoppers and associates, my name is Beth from Electronics,” Beth McGrath said of the store’s PA system. “I’ve been working at Walmart for about five years and all I can say is that everyone here works more and gets paid less.”

In a Facebook video she posted about the stunt, McGraw said, “The appearance policy is bull-t. We are treated poorly every day by management and customers. Whenever we have a problem with it, tell us It turns out that we are changeable.”

“I’m tired of the constant gaslighting,” McGrath said. “This company treats its elderly colleagues like s—t. To our store manager Jared, you’re a pervert. Greta and Cathy, shame on all of you for treating our associates like you do.” I hope you will not talk to your families the way you talk to us.”

She ended the 1:11 video with “F-k management and f-k this job. I quit”.

She posted the video to Facebook with the comment, “On better things.”

Thousands of people have reacted to this post of his. McGrath posted a follow-up video and thanked everyone who commented, liked and shared the post.

“I never intended to blow up the video the way I did,” she said in a new post. “It’s been an emotional roller coaster for me and I’m just at a loss for words.”

“I didn’t record video for effect. I recorded video for my fellow co-workers, to let them know that I love them and I want what’s best for them. I wanted to be their voice, I wanted to be my voice.”

His original video is below. (Warning: Graphic Language) App Users Click Here