Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler challenged Vice President Kamala Harris’s recent claim that the Biden administration was “starting from scratch” with its coronavirus vaccine rollout.

During an interview with XBOS co-founder Mike Allen, which aired on HBO Sunday, Harris was asked about the struggle of the administration’s response to the epidemic after nearly a month in office.

“There was no stockpile … of vaccines”, Harris replied. “There was no national strategy or plan for vaccination. We were leaving it to the states and local leaders to try and find out. And so in many ways, we scratched at something for almost a full year. Starting with! “

FAUCI’s definition Harris started with the ‘SCRATCH’ clam, now known as the trophic vaccine rollout.

Kessler on Wednesday called White House advisor Dr. Harris began his article with remarks made by Anthony Fauci pointing to Harris’ claim as “seeming to be in direct conflict”, which strongly rejected CNN reporting last month that the Biden administration “started with a scratch” did. Vaccine Rollout.


“A large part of how you look at it depends on your definition of ‘plan’ or ‘start from scratch’,” Kessler explained.

The fact-checker said that he had spoken with several anonymous Bedan officials who tried to explain how the plan for the new administration differed from the previous administration, although one of them admitted that the average number of vaccinations on a single day Number one Americans topped Americans. The last two days of Trump’s presidency.

However, Kessler concluded that while Harris claims “no national strategy or plan” could fall under the “philosophical gap” between the Trump administration’s state-level approach, which is against federal oversight by the Biden administration , The Vice President “gets into trouble”. With the comment “start from scratch”.

Kessler wrote, “Biden administration officials can be proud of what they’ve done, but they shouldn’t suggest that when they walk in the door, they shouldn’t do anything. They quit by the Trump team Gai is built on an existing structure, ”Kessler wrote. “Harris revised his remarks by saying ‘in many ways’, but this is not enough to avoid Pinocchios. She Earns two. “