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The report says a 15-year-old girl from Washington state killed a jogger when he intentionally hit her with a borrowed car, then later laughed about it with a friend.

Kasma Smith took her godmother’s car without permission and was doing 50 mph — 15 miles more than the posted speed limit — when she hit 53-year-old Greg on Maple Valley Street, according to the charges against him. Moore mortgaged.


“I’m going to scare him, I’m going to hit him,” said the Kent reporter, citing the allegations.

A friend of Smith’s who followed the Camry in another car told investigators he heard a loud bang, then “saw something flying in the air,” according to the reporter.

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According to KIRO-TV, Moore was found hours later in a ditch in front of the Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church, lifeless and lifeless.

Kasama now faces charges of second-degree murder and hit-and-run, but the victim’s widow is outraged that the teenager is not being pursued as an adult for “exciting murder.”

Michelle Moore told Kiro, “A family member (of the suspect) heard Greg laughing about the way his body was flying in the air.”

She told the station in an interview that it was wrong to describe the impact as a “collision” when the car was driving at 50 mph.

“It’s a ‘thrill kill’ as it’s called,” said Moore, who offered a $35,000 bounty and set up a website to find her husband’s killer.

The King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office said the defendant’s age and lack of criminal record did not take his case to adult court.

Office spokeswoman Casey McNearthney told the Seattle Times, “Even when juveniles are convicted as adults, Superior Court judges can still sentence—and in many cases do – Still follow the juvenile sentencing guidelines laid down by the state lawmakers.”

According to the reporter, Kasama is accused of driving his godmother’s car before the fatal prank, then lying to the car’s owner when she brought it back – denying that he ever drove it and saying no one has damaged it with the bat.

According to KIRO, the teen spent weeks after the accident, concerned friends “could nip at him”. The newspaper said that when she saw surveillance footage of the car, her godmother went to the authorities and identified it as her car.

Kasma turned himself in to the police last week along with his father.

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