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Star Trek legend William Shatner will boldly go where the 90-year-old Hollywood actor has not gone before and become the oldest person to reach space as part of a four-person mission on a Blue Origin rocket.

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The trip – with paying customers Chris Boshuizen and Glenn De Vries as well as Blue Origin executive Aubrey Powers – was temporarily delayed from yesterday as take-off did not take place due to forecast of high winds at the Texas launch site .

Shatner, best known for playing Captain Kirk in the famous sci-fi series, spoke of being nervous before the trip, suggesting it would be highly illogical to launch during peak weather.


Amazon boss Jeff Bezos’ space company will manage the launch — at 9 a.m. local time for today (10 a.m.).

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Former Blue Origin employee compares humanity to ‘Farenge’ Star Trek race

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Blue Origin’s former head of employee communications, Alexandra Abrams, warned that humanity is “becoming the fringes of our own story” as the company prepares to launch Star Trek legend William Shatner into space.

Abrams said the migration was evidence that humans were becoming like the Ferengi – a hypothetical alien species that first appeared Star Trek: The Next Generation and are defined by large ears, bumpy heads, and insatiable greed.

Last month, Abrams wrote an essay he said was co-written with 20 other former and current Blue Origin employees, accusing the company of fostering a “toxic” work environment.

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‘So Very Happy for You’: Excited Star Trek fans send Shatner tweets ahead of launch

Good Luck and God Speed ​​Capt. My daughter (we all are) so excited for you and your crew! the

— grizz da bear (@beagrizzly244) 13 October 2021

Nothing got me more smiling than William Shatner going into space in 2021… Final Frontier. smdh ️😃

— Holly Hudson (@AppalachiaHolly) 13 October 2021

Can’t wait for this one! It is a matter of great pleasure for you sir. How exciting. Safe Travel Captain! don’t drink water

– Hayet (O Hayathom) 13 October 2021

Shatner to send ‘preprogrammed’ tweets while in space

The Captain Kirk actor will be sending a scheduled post to his Twitter fans during his flight – leaving fans wondering what it could be.

Stay tuned to this blog to know!

Tell me it’s a captain log!!!

— Art New (@ArtieCubed) 13 October 2021

Do Tweets start with “Captain Log…”?
We will be watching you and cheering you up.

— Michael Bonomo (@MichaelBonomo25) 13 October 2021

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William Shatner is preparing for the journey of his life aboard one of Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rockets this morning.

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