Watch Newborn Giraffe’s ‘Miracle’ Last Stand After Attack By Lion

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The calf appears to have been left dead in Masai Mara, Kenya.

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a newborn Giraffe a. left for dead by Lion The one who slits his neck and dragged him over and over again gets up again, and you can see it in the video posted by latest scene,

“It’s a miracle,” an observer can be heard saying in the video below as the calf stands in Kenya’s Masai Mara.

According to the latest sightings, in footage shot by Don Heineke and Rustam Framzy, the calf was only a few minutes old when a lion began chasing the mother and child for several miles. The protective mother accidentally bumped the calf into a ravine, and the hunter pounced. He clung to the child’s neck and dragged his body.

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As soon as the lion left him at the water’s edge, the young giraffe’s life was over. Mother came forward again and again to drive away the determined hunter.

“At this point, we thought the calf was 100% dead,” Heineke told the latest Sightings. To everyone’s surprise, he stood up, but not for long, as the calf was looking for safety in the river where it had slept exhausted. , drowned.”

Lions focus their giraffe attacks on the sick and young, Ranger by planet, According to the website, about 3 in 4 giraffes fail to mature due to attacks by lions and other predators.

This giraffe fought hard to be an exception, but it had already suffered a lot more injuries than the lion.

“,”type”: “video”, “meta”: { “url”: “”, “type”: “video”, “version”: ” 1.0″, “title”: “Intense fight between lioness and giraffe over her newborn baby”, “author”: “latest sight”, “author_url”: “”, ” provider_name”: “youtube”, “description”: “Still learning to walk, a newborn giraffe must fight for its life with a mauve lioness with only the safety of its mother! The giraffe escapes from the lioness, but the ending is something you never expected! Incredible footage by and nnThis incredible scene was captured by Don Heineke, 30, wildlife photographer and owner of Escape Safari Company. Safari consultant Rustam Framji, founder of Safarinet, during a safari in Olare Motorogi Conservancy, Masai Mara, Kenya.nnSubmit your wildlife video here, and earn money: nDon told the story to “A female giraffe has given birth to a baby calf. 30 minutes after being born, giraffes are already able to walk with only minimal stumbling and within 10 hours, they are able to run. Unfortunately for this young calf, a lioness and a hyena showed interest in the calf soon after it was born.”nn”The interested lioness and hyena were following the giraffe and its calf, but the hyena soon showed interest Lost, only left. The lioness that had been grazing the herd for more than about 6 km (4 mi). The newborn calf was knocked over several times by its mother while trying to escape from the lioness.”nn”After walking 6 km, the giraffe and her baby, who had not yet had a sip of milk in their life. , reach a dead end due to a river bed. The lioness crawls up to them, thinking it is the finale of an already intense series. “nn”The mother tried to save her calf from the lioness and panicked – accidentally dropped the newborn off a cliff. The newborn calf was now stuck in the bank of the river, the mother went outside the bank of the river and tried to get the young calf out but it was too weak to climb on the shore.nn”The calf lay down and at this point There was no chance against the apex hunter, who took the opportunity to grab the calf and lead it to the water.nn”The mother tried her best to protect her newborn calf and chased the lioness several times and at this point , we thought the calf was 100% dead. To everyone’s surprise he stood up, but not for long, as the calf was looking for safety in the river, where it fell asleep from exhaustion. With a fight to survive, the giraffe’s baby drowns like no one has ever seen before. Footage: [email protected] some of our specials at Kruger National Park (free nights): rn n rnSnapchat: Latest SightingsrnTwitter and Instagram: @LatestKrugerrnrnTo see live wildlife in Kruger National Park: nLike our Facebook page for more amazing views and photos: us on YouTube:” ,”thumbnail_url “:””,,”thumbnail_width”:1280,”thumbnail_height”:720,”cache_age”:86400,”options”:{” _start”:{ “label”: “start at”, “value”: “”, “placeholder”: “ex: 11, 1m10s”}, “_end”: { “label”: “end at”, ” value”: “” , “placeholder”:”ex: 11, 1m10s”},”_cc_load_policy”: { “label”: “closed caption”, “value”: false}, “click_to_play”: { “label”: “hold until loaded and play until clicked”, “value”: false } } }, “full bleed” :false, “flags”:[], “enhancements”: {}, “options”: { “theme”: “news”, “device”: “desktop”, “versionInfo”: { “id”: “us”, “name”: “US”, “link”:””,,”locale”:”en_US”},”slideshowAd”:{“scriptTags”:[],”otherHtml”:””},”slideshowEndCard”:{“scripttags”:[{“attribs”:{},”scriptBody”:”rn (function(){rn var c = document.getElementById(‘taboola-endslate-thumbnails’);rn += ‘-‘ + Math.round(Math.random()*1e16);rn rn var taboolaParams = {rn loader: “//”,rn mode: “thumbnails-b”,rn container:,rn placement: “Endslate Thumbnails”,rn target_type: “mix”rn };rn rn if (typeof window.modulousQueue === “function”) {rn twindow.modulousQueue.add(function(){ doTaboola(taboolaParams); });rn } else {rn tdoTaboola(taboolaParams);rn }rn }());rn”}]”Other HTML”:”


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