Watch the emotive new video for Jonny Greenwood’s ‘Spencer’ track, ‘New Currency’

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Shares an emotional new video with Johnny Greenwood’s latest release, ‘New Currency’ – a song from New wig song music. You can watch it below.

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The film, starring Kristen Stewart, released last month and features Greenwood’s full score. The film’s accompanying soundtrack was also released digitally in November and was expected to be released physically the following year.

talking to Granthshala On how he got involved with the project earlier this year, Greenwood explained: “I had an email from director Pablo Lahren. I didn’t know his work, so he sent me his film. club, which I found very impressive. I enjoyed fellowship with Pablo, stirring each other with enthusiasm about what music could be. He is a very energetic, positive person.


“I explained to Pablo that a lot of things are attached to classical music in movies about royals. You either use real handles or pastiche handles. I saw some royal movies, filled with sweeping views of Buckingham Palace , which had pompous horns and harpsichords rattling on top. I wanted to emphasize instead how chaotic and colorful Princess Diana was in that Baroque tradition. The film does the same.”

Speaking about the process of scoring the film, Greenwood said: “I suggested we get a baroque orchestra, so I wrote the music in that regular imperial style, with kettle drums, trumpets, harpsichord and pipe organs. Then “While they were playing, we replaced the orchestra with free jazz players. They could play those instruments, but we turned it into a free jazz performance. That was so exciting, the jazz players were just amazing.”

“The trumpet player, Byron Wallen, blew my mind. That said, at first they were very restricted by chords. It was like they were trying to improvise on the subject. Antiques Roadshow, The key was to still sound vaguely baroque while leaving ample room for real chaos and chaos.

movie review, Granthshala Said: “All scenes, whether soft-hearted or tension-inducing, benefit from a superb score from Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood.


“The ending of the film is exhilarating and steeped in agony as we know the dire fate that will eventually befall Diana. wig Hardcore royals won’t please, but Lahren and Stewart have succeeded in offering a fresh and perhaps enlightening impression of one of the most dissected figures of the 20th century. This Diana is not the ‘Rose of England’ or the ‘Queen of Hearts,’ but a painful, spiky animal desperately trying to break out of a cage of gold.”

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