Watch Travis Scott and Ludwig Gorason discuss NME on their ‘Tenet’ song ‘The Plan’

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    After the film’s initial preface was sent, Scott was so excited that he went to Warner Bros. Studios the next day to see the rest of the film

    Travis Scott and Ludwig Gorason discuss how Tenacity The end credits song ‘The Plan’ came together in a new interview released by Warner Bros.

    In it, film composer Gorenson explains that after he and director Christopher Nolan sent Scott a snippet of the film, the rapper was so excited that Nolan invited him to the studio to watch the whole thing. As a result, Scott was one of the first people in the world to see the film as a whole.

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    Scott talks about how the film was inspired by his songwriting process for ‘The Plan’, which said, “Visual, actor, emotion, camera angles.” Looks, man … the music was very loud, bro. It was the first time I had ever seen a film like this. “

    Scott says that after watching the film and interacting with Nolan, he had “exactly what it was.” [he] Need to write lyrics for the song.

    Scott and Gorson go on to develop the song, discussing how Gorterson went to Scott’s studio and showed him some of the sounds they were already using within the film. “We took those sounds, and I kind of beat that,” Scott explains.

    Scott went on to emphasize the effect that all elements of the film had on making the song, “From the beat, to the vocal, to the lyrics, it’s all taken from this picture. In fact, inspired by the word, The word was emphasized. “

    “I mean, I think it’s a perfect description [of the film], ”Says Gronson. “If you don’t have two and a half hours to watch a movie, you have three and a half minutes to listen to the song, and you’ll get the concept through listening to the song.”

    “When I heard it for the first time, I immediately felt that I was in the head of the hero, after my everyday pursuits, my goals and mission. Writing a song with that perspective made me think it was great, ”said the producer.

    Elsewhere in the interview, Scott is asked how writing lyrics for a film compares with writing lyrics for an album.

    “Making music comes personally from my and my life experiences. I think, especially for this, it symbolizes a feeling in a moment that is captured. In the album, you take your life stories and put them into songs, spreading them into 16 songs, ”he says.

    “It wasn’t about me and where I really grew up and my experiences, but I got Tenacity. “

    At the end of the interview, the rapper and musician are asked if they are interested in collaborating again, to which Scott emphatically replies, “Hell yeah we’re working together”.

    Earlier this week, Gorenson was nominated for Best Original Score at this year’s Golden Globe Awards for his contributions. Tenacity. Last year, Goreson won his first Emmy Award for his work on the score Mandalorian.

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