Watch Waluigi invite himself to ‘Super Smash Bros.’ in this fanmade trailer

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One player is yet to be added to ‘Ultimate’…

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after getting lost Super Smash Bros. The game, Waluigi takes things into his own hands and invites himself to battle in a surprisingly emotional fanmade trailer – watch it below.

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created by king bob gaming, The video uses footage of Waluigi Mod produced by mkht For Project M, the unofficial modified game that was made in 2011 to make up the Nintendo Wii’s super mas bros brawl like more mayhem.


development stalled Project M in 2015, but maybe this trailer is a sign of things to come.

earlier this year, Super Smash Bros. Series director Masahiro Sakurai confirmed that the final player would be added. SupremeFighters Pass Vol. 2 will be the last eligible to join the fray.

And while Waluigi is already in the game as a supporting trophy, Min Min’s addition last year proved that he still shouldn’t oust her, as Min Min was already a spirit before she even became a playable character. As was in the game.

In 2018, Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aim acknowledged Waluigi’s support in an interview. way point: “We look at all the feedback and share it with the devs and will certainly be aware of the base of support we see for Mr. Sakurai Waluigi. And in the end it is his decision.”

Although 2020. In Famitsu pillar, Sakurai distanced himself from the decision-making process, saying: “My priorities don’t play a role in which new fighters are added; Nintendo has a big say in that decision and brings its own ideas to the table.


In July, the first demo for beyond melee was issued. Player-created mod builds super smash bros melee

The reworked game adds five new characters to the roster of Nintendo Legends, with Shadow Mewtwo, Raichu, Shadow Kid, Wolf and Fey joining the fray along with the likes of Mario, Donkey Kong and Fox.

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