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At least five people were killed and dozens injured – including children – by law enforcement and at the scene of the Christmas parade marchers in a Milwaukee suburb on Sunday, as dust settled after a red SUV was tossed down by a red SUV. But witnesses are praising first responders’ handling of the chaos. ,


One of the witnesses at the scene, 19-year-old Breden Kowalski, described the professionalism of the first responders as “amazing” in an interview with Granthshala News.

“It was wonderful,” Kowalski said, describing the professionalism and quick actions of the first responders.

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He said it didn’t take long for first responders to reach the scene and described how paramedics and firefighters worked their way through the crowd from where the first shots were fired.

After the chaotic incident of Sunday evening.

He said there had never been such a traumatic event in Waukesha, a “peaceful town” about an hour’s drive west of Milwaukee, as it did on Sunday.

Still, the EMT worked “quite well, very quickly, very methodically,” Kowalski said.

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Meanwhile, the police was maintaining order in the crowd, allowing the family members of the victims to stay nearby.

Kowalski said, “The officers were standing near the bodies …

Police surround a street in Waukesha, Wis., after an SUV hit several people at a Christmas parade on Sunday, November 21, 2021.

Angela O’Boyle watched the horrors spread from the balcony of her apartment. She said the police went into high gear soon after the SUV passed them and within minutes EMT responders were at the scene.

“It was an immediate help by the audience and the EMTs,” she told Granthshala News. “Everybody was running.”

She said the scene was chaotic but was handled relatively swiftly, admitting that she would have been in good hands if she had been on the road downstairs.

Policemen cleaning the road.

Alan Johnson, vice president of critical care and specialty services for Pro Health Care, Waukesha, praised the “excellent” work of the first responders. He said countless surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and other staff rushed to the hospital to help the victims.

“What I saw on display last night in response to this crisis was nothing short of the highest level of professionalism,” Johnson told Granthshala News on Monday. “The local fire and our coordination with the local EMS worked perfectly in the face of this incident.”

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At least five people were killed and around 50 were injured in the parade attack, police said. The deceased have been identified as four women aged 52 to 79 and an 81-year-old man. Among the dead were members of a Dancing Granny’s Club, as did a bank employee.

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Police also identified the suspect: Darrell Brooks Jr., a 39-year-old Milwaukee man with a criminal history dating back to 1999. Waukesha Police Chief Dan Thompson said that Brooks had left the site of domestic disturbance before officers arrived and was not being pursued by police at the time of the accident.

Police said they are leveling five counts of intentional murder against Brooks.