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Actress Debra Messing has hit out at the media for “minimizing” the attack on the Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Darrell Brooks has been charged with intentional manslaughter after driving his SUV through a crowded street in celebration of the holiday season, resulting in the death of six people aged 8 to 81 and injuring dozens Have become.


Media cracks down for calling Waukesha parade attack an ‘accident’

Although several media outlets were referring to the attack as a “parade crash”, prosecutors downplayed the intent laid against the career offender.

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The “Will & Grace” star took to Twitter on Wednesday and voiced her voice against such a story.

MSNBC’s Rachel Muddo Fails to Mention Criminal Darrell Brooks During Waukesha Parade Attack Segment

Messing tweeted, “Dear Mainstream Media – A man intentionally drove his car through the parade killing 6 people and injuring 50+. This was not an accident.” “Call it by its name #WaukeshaMassacre.”

“And it was a domestic terror attack. Don’t underestimate. Please,” he said.

Although police officials have ruled out the tragedy being an act of domestic terrorism, investigators have not yet attributed a motive to Brooks’ actions.

Regardless, the liberal actress’ tweet received rare praise from conservatives.

“Wait… what? I first agree with Debra Messing,” political satirist Tim Young reacted,

Waukesha Parade Horror Made Possible by Leftist District Lawyers’ Efforts on Bail Reform, Critics Say

“That’s how it starts. Good for him,” says Brett Tolman, executive director of Right on Crime. wrote,

“I can’t believe I’m going to say this but Debra Messing is right!” Redstate Deputy Managing Editor Brandon Morse tweeted,

75th Golden Globe Awards - Arrival - Beverly Hills, California, US, 07/01/2018 - Actress Debra Messing.  Reuters/Mario Anzuoni

Media outlets initially reported that Brooks was on the run from police after a knife fight, implying that his driving through the parade was accidental. Local police denied that he had pursued Brooks at the time.

But even after Brooks was charged with intentional murder, various journalists and headlines described the attack as an “accident.”

A CNN headline read: “A sixth victim has died after Waukesha Christmas parade crash, prosecutors say.”

“BREAKING: Prosecutors: Sixth Person, a Child, Has Died in Wisconsin Parade Crash,” CBS News correspondent David Begnoud tweeted Tuesday.

“Suspect in the fatal Waukesha Parade accident has been charged with 5 counts of 1-degree intentional manslaughter,” the Associated Press wrote.

“Man charged with Waukesha parade accident first appears in court,” NPR declared in a similar headline.

Granthshala News’ Lindsay Kournick contributed to this report.