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Critics say the horrors of the Waukesha parade were made possible by bail reform efforts by left-wing district attorneys
criminal bail reform efforts that put violent criminal like Waukesha suspect Darrell Brooks Jr. On the street, at little or no cost, is endangering communities across the country, according to experts in criminal justice and law enforcement.

Police in cities including Milwaukee, New York, Chicago, And angel According to Betsy Brantner Smith, a retired police sergeant and spokeswoman for the National Police Association, such policies are partly due to reduced staff and low morale.

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“These extremely liberal prosecutors who want to talk about restorative justice, and what that means… We are putting the public at risk by trying to give these people too many opportunities to humiliate them again,” she said. said. “It’s incredibly frustrating for law enforcement, and it’s downright dangerous for our communities.”

Smith pointed to a decision by Milwaukee County prosecutors earlier this month to request bail of just $1,000 for Brooks, who had a violent criminal history as far back as 1999, and bail on a sex offense charge in Nevada. There was an active warrant to jump in.

An NPA spokesperson acknowledged that higher bails are unfair for petty and nonviolent crimes, but Brooks’ history is extreme: multiple firearms and battery convictions, strangulation, sex offenses, and narcotics on a 50-page rap sheet spread across three states. drug charges.

Mike Paddon, a Minnesota-based defense attorney who also practices in Wisconsin, called the fact that Brooks was freed only three weeks earlier “pathetic.” Click here for more on our Top Story,

In other developments:
– 11-year-old Waukesha Parade attack victim, laughs at her family despite injuries: ‘Just glue me back together’
Waukesha Parade suspect Darrell Brooks faces 5 counts of first-degree intentional murder on $5 million bail
The locals of Waukesha, who were furious on receiving the news of the Christmas parade, were out on $1,000 bail.
– Doug the Bounty Hunter bails reform: ‘People are dying’
Witnesses of Waukesha Christmas parade attack praise first responders

Trump meets with Rittenhouse, shares details – and puts his offer on trial during ‘Hannity’ appearance
former President Donald Trump Commented on Kyle Rittenhouse’s lawsuit on Tuesday “Hannity” After meeting Kishor at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump said Rittenhouse had been subjected to “prosecution misconduct.”

,[Rittenhouse] He should not have faced trial for this. He was going to die if he didn’t pull that trigger the man put the gun to his head in a quarter of a second, he was about to pull the trigger. Kyle would have been dead,” Trump said.

Rittenhouse shot and killed Joseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26, during August 2020 protests and riots In Kenosha that erupted after a police shot jacob blakeDue to which he was paralyzed from the waist down. The third person Rittenhouse shot, Gage Grosskretz, survived the trial and testified.

“He’s a really nice young guy… left Mar-a-Lago a while back,” Trump said of Rittenhouse, “and he should never have been put through to it.” It was abuse of prosecutors, and it’s happening across the United States right now with Democrats.”

The media’s coverage of the lawsuit has come under criticism for distorting the facts—including the lie that Rittenhouse brought a rifle across state lines. Some outlets have improved their reporting. Click Here For More.

In other developments:
– False media reporting that Rittenhouse delivered rifles ‘over state lines’ leads to corrections, jokes
– Psaki refuses to back Biden’s characterization of Kyle Rittenhouse as a white supremacist
– Kyle Rittenhouse rebukes prosecutor: ‘wanted to make a name for himself’
Trump slams Biden administration for inflation, price hikes: ‘nonsense’
– Jan 6 Committee Summons Proud Boys, Oath Keepers
– LeBron, NBA comment on Rittenhouse trial, remain silent on Chinese tennis star’s disappearance

Gabby Pettito’s family lawyer hints at charges against ‘additional persons’
Gabby Petito’s The family’s lawyer made the assumption that “additional persons” could face charges in relation to her. Neck in death Wyoming more than two months ago.

This came soon after the authorities disclosed the cause of death. Brian Laundry, Her ex-fiancé and the only person interested in her murder. He shot himself in the head in a boggy nature trail near his parents’ Florida home about two weeks after driving cross-country to get there in Petito’s van.

“Schmidt and the Petito family are aware of the circumstances surrounding the suicide of the sole suspect in Gabby’s murder,” Attorney Richard Stafford said in a statement Tuesday, referring to Petito’s parents and step-parents. “Gabby’s family will not make a statement at this time due to a request from the United States Attorney’s Office and the Teton County Prosecutor’s Office.”

After a nationwide search, officers found Laundry’s remains nearby, where his parents had led investigators to the Mykahatchi Creek Environmental Park in the North Harbor. A month later, the results of a forensic anthropologist’s autopsy found that Laundry had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Observers have long wondered whether federal or local officials plan to bring any charges against the parents because their son came home alone from an interstate road trip with Petito and the family had no clue about his whereabouts. There was no public comment.

“The family was asked not to comment and the FBI was asked to continue its investigation and allow the United States Attorney’s Office to determine whether any additional individuals would be charged,” Stafford said. Click Here For More,

In other developments:
– Brian Laundry Update: The family surrendered the guns to law enforcement on September 17th – but one was missing
– Brian Laundry autopsy: Forensic anthropologist says fugitive died by suicide
– Ohio Army National Guard specialist went missing, did not report back to unit last month
– Former St. Louis soldier sentenced to one year and one day for beating undercover coworker during protest

Must read today:
– CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC ignore NYT bombshell report on Hunter Biden’s trade deal with Chinese company
– In the wake of the recent loot, the Left is calling the word casteism
Actor confirms exit from show’s vaccine mandate: It’s ‘about individual liberties’
– Texas governor took a big step towards his re-election
– A ‘Group of Five’ team has never been ranked in the top 4 of a college football playoff poll … until now
– View photos: 50-year-old woman gives birth to first child: ‘We dreamed of her’

Latest from Granthshala Business:
– Biden expected To nominated Shalanda Young for Budget Director
– two asks the court OSHA to allow vaccine mandate
– Biden Energy Secretary stumped Asked about US daily oil consumption
– Elizabeth Holmes Deny from this cheating in his criminal trial
– nordstrom have warned Shortage of supplies as the holiday season approaches
– Oil reserves released by Biden Be expected Mainly for going to China, India

some parting words

Granthshala News Contributor Karl Rove accused Tuesday night Biden Administration of “fake action” to fix gas prices.

Former chief adviser to President George W Bush claimed ,Granthshala News Primetime.”

“Gas prices are up 61% since that time [Biden] took office. Part of this is due to the plethora of pandemics. But the other part of it is the anti-energy action that this administration has taken; Putting a hold on new leasing, taking the ANWR off the table, … saying they’re going to have new taxes and rules,” Rowe said. “The whole thing is a kabuki — it’s going to be a try and see.” For is a fake action. They’re doing something about it.”

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