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The National Rifle Association said Saturday that its board of directors has re-elected controversial CEO Wayne Lapierre.

gun rights group tweeted that Charles Cotton was elected president, retired. Lieutenant Colonel Wills K Lee was elected first vice president, and David Coy was elected second vice president.


The votes took place at the board meeting in Charlotte, NC, which was followed by the annual members’ meeting.

“The proceedings in Charlotte were a wonderful celebration of NRA fellowship and independence,” Cotton said in a statement accompanying the tweet. “Under Wayne Lapierre’s direction, the NRA is strong and secure – well positioned to chart its course for the future.”

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The NRA instructor trained thousands of women from within the city to ensure they never fell victim.

Cotton is best known for accusing the anti-gun pastor who was killed in the attack for the massacre at a Charleston, SC, church in 2015.

LaPierre won the board’s vote despite several scandals over the nonprofit, including a lawsuit brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James last year alleging that LaPierre and other top executives siphoned millions of the organization’s funds. Diverted and accepted inappropriate gifts to subsidize his lavish lifestyle. .

Cotton, a Lapierre loyalist, was chairman of the NRA audit committee when James made his allegations.

The organization did not share Saturday’s vote tally.

Last week, outgoing Board member Rosco Marshall asked to intervene James’s trial, which seeks to disband the organization, asks the court to temporarily obtain and install an entirely new leadership.