Wednesday Adams is getting its own Netflix series.

in Twitter announcement on wednesday, Netflix announced that a new live-action series based on Wednesday’s Adams will soon hit the streaming platform. The series will be directed by Tim Burton, who will make his television directorial debut.

“Tim Burton Live Action is Bringing Wednesday Adams to Netflix in Upcoming Series!” Netflix wrote in its announcement. “Burton made his TV directorial debut with Sleeping, Supernaturally Infused Mystery, which appears as a student at Nevermore Academy on Wednesday.”

Attached was a photo of the show’s official poster, which features a silhouette of the iconic Wednesday playing double bass with a specially spoken string. Due to Wednesday’s strange methods, she is seen playing the instrument with a knife instead of the usual bow.

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Director of the original series of Netflix, Teddy Bicelli, revealed more details in the upcoming series through an announcement Netflix website.

“The upcoming eight-episode series is supernaturally influential mystery charting as a student at the odd Nevermore Academy on Wednesday,” Biaselli said. “To master her emerging psychic abilities on Wednesday, thwart a demonic murder spree that has terrorized the local city, and unravel the supernatural mystery that engulfed her parents 25 years ago – Tan while navigating his new and very intriguing relationship to a strange and diverse student. “

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Netflix on Wednesday announced a new live-action series with Tim Burton, directed by Adams.

Netflix on Wednesday announced a new live-action series with Tim Burton, directed by Adams.

The series will be written by Smallville co-creators Al Gough and Miles Miller. Bicelli expressed excitement over the future collaboration between Smallville’s co-creators and Burton.

“When we first heard about the pitch of Al Gough and Miles Miller on Wednesday, we were baffled, like an arrow from a crossbow, in our hearts,” Bicelli said. “He played tones, spirits and characters, but gave us a new path in this story.”

He said, “After this, we got the visionary director and lifelong Adams Family fan Tim Burton to make his television direction with this series.” “” Tim has a history of telling powerful stories about social outsiders such as Edward Sisorhands, Lydia Dey and Batman. And now he brings his unique vision and his creepy classmates to Nevermore Academy on Wednesday. “

No official release date has been announced.