Westchester school principal made employee take racy pictures: lawsuit

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A Yonkers school worker was forced to take shoddy photos of her principal in a thong at the school – and was forced to store the shots on her cell phone with gender pictures and other illegal images, an explosive The federal lawsuit alleges.

The school secretary and her lawyer told The Post that the principal enlisted the help of the underling to hide the sexy pictures from her husband and save them for her boyfriend.

Giselle Vasquez, a 35-year-old single mother, was hired as a Spanish-speaking secretary to Evelina Medina, a 42-year-old principal at the Robert C. Dodson School, an 865-student magnet school five minutes from Scarsdale. But Medina soon inspired him to do much more than clerical work, Manhattan federal court papers claim.

On May 24, 2018, Medina sent Vasquez a photo of a man lying on a bed in his underwear, and instructed Vasquez to save the photo for him on his phone, court papers state.

“To this day I don’t understand what it would be like to be comfortable asking me to do this for him,” Vasquez told The Post, explaining that the women were not friends. “I wondered what the consequences would be for me at work if I didn’t. I’m a single parent and I wondered what would happen if I said no.

The next day, Medina escorted the secretary to the school’s office and ordered him to take a picture of her. “He gave me the phone and said, ‘Shut the door,'” Vasquez told The Post.

According to court papers, “Medina then lowered her pants to her ankles, folded and exposed her buttocks in thong underwear and posed.”

Yonkers school activist Gisele Vasquez claims she was forced to take sexy photos of her principal, Evelina Medina, posing in thongs at school, and store shots on her cell phone.
Evelina Medina reportedly ordered Vasquez to take a picture of her.

“When I looked back, his pants were already down,” Vasquez recalled. “I kept looking. I didn’t know what to think. I just really froze. I was worried that if I left his office there might be a student or employee or anyone. His office main It’s in the office and there’s a lot of traffic.”

The complaint says Medina texted the almost bare butt image on Vasquez’s cell phone and asked him if he should help “edit”. “She wanted to smooth out the dimples … her cellulite,” Vasquez told The Post.

Five days later, on May 29, the principal sent Vasquez another sex shot — this time a man lying on the bed holding a penis, the complaint alleged. Medina “instructs” Vasquez to save the picture for him as well.

“On more than one occasion, Medina commented on the size of her boyfriend’s penis and how it satisfies him more despite being smaller than her husband’s penis size,” the suit says.

“Medina used my client as her personal drop-box to keep sexy pictures away from her [Medina’s] Husband, ”said lawyer Christopher Berlingieri. “Due to the serious nature of sexual harassment here, we felt there was no other option but to take civil action.”

The federal suit alleges that Medina showed Vasquez his iPhone on several occasions and asked him to read the XXX-rated sexes she and her boyfriend exchanged.

“I don’t know why she wanted me to read it. Maybe she didn’t have friends or family to believe?” Vasquez told The Post. “I don’t know why he thought it was okay. Maybe because he thought I was just his secretary and I wasn’t going to say or do anything.

The suit says that in June, Medina allegedly instructed Vasquez to book a hotel room in Yonkers using Vasquez’s credit card for the purpose of meeting with her boyfriend.

The alleged boyfriend in the suit is not named, and explicit images and texts were not filed as case demonstrations, but were shared with the post.

The principal invited Sandra Guzman, an assistant principal at Vasquez and Dodson, to an after-work happy hour, and her “boyfriend and his brother” appeared. Medina tells Vasquez that she should date her boyfriend’s brother, the suit says.

Vasquez told The Post that he believed Medina wanted a “cover” for his Dalian.

Evelina Medina reportedly asked her colleague Giselle Vasquez at the Dodson School in Yonkers to take pictures of her in May 2018.
Evelina Medina reportedly asked her colleague Giselle Vasquez at the Dodson School in Yonkers to take pictures of her in May 2018.
Jesse Rice for the NY Post

Vasquez “felt uncomfortable during this encounter and eventually told Medina that he would have to leave,” the complaint said.

Vasquez eventually complained to a supervising clerk about “unfair things. Instead of setting up a meeting, [the supervisor] Only responded to request for transfer,” says the complaint.

On August 9, Vasquez did the same, but “received no response” from HR, the suit says.

The complaint alleges that the following month, Medina ordered Vasquez to buy her black lingerie during her lunch break, “because she had a date in town later,” the lazy instructions continued. Medina gave Vasquez $50 and asked him to go to the Romantic Depot adult store.

A “timid and uncomfortable” Vasquez decided she wasn’t going shopping and instead returned the money to Medina after lunch, saying she “didn’t find anything,” the suit says.

Giselle Vasquez
Giselle Vasquez was concerned that there would be consequences if Medina did not do what she ordered.
Jesse Rice for the NY Post

In what Medina shared with her secretary, she became increasingly bold, and even displayed some of her own sex moves. Teacher “Forcibly Caught” [Vasquez] Neck and neck to show her what she wants to do to her lover,” the complaint states.

In the fall of 2018, Vasquez interviewed for a position at the district’s Roosevelt High School and met with the principal there. The next day, Medina contacted Vasquez and asked him why he applied for transfer and informed him that he had spoken to Roosevelt’s principal and advised him not to hire Vasquez, according to court papers. is charged with.

The lawsuit alleges that Medina was not the only high-ranking teacher to harass her.

Court papers say AP Guzmán would joke that Vasquez probably didn’t have much sex, and Christopher Cassano, another assistant principal at Dodson, reportedly asked her, “Have you ever done drugs?” and “How often do you have sex?”

One day when Vasquez was in the main office working with Cassano on an after-school program, Medina called the office from his car and reportedly told Vasquez “You should give him something.” Vasquez then asked Medina, “What to give her?” Medina replied, “You know what.”

On March 29, 2019, “Cassano attempted to lean in and kiss [Vasquez] on the lips in the back of the main office when the plaintiff was washing the plate,” the suit alleges. Vasquez asked Cassano what he was doing and backed away.

“He said, ‘I shouldn’t have done that,'” Vasquez told The Post.

On April 10, Vasquez complained to Medina about Cassano and filed a complaint with Human Resources the next day, the suit says. Vasquez filed an email on April 17 to school superintendent Edwin Quezada complaining of feeling “extremely uncomfortable at Dodgson” and requesting a transfer, the suit says.

He “only replied, ‘Thank you.’ “

Vasquez later learned that one of Dodgson’s teachers had a copy of her complaint on her cell phone and was showing it to other employees, the suit says.

In April 2019, he was awarded the Cesar E. Transferred to Chavez School. But this was in retaliation, the suit alleges, and he was given a different position with a different schedule and different job title.

“I think this step was taken in case they were prosecuted. They were looking to cover their asses,” she told The Post.

Evelina Medina
Evelina Medina reportedly photographed Vasquez giving her poses in a thong.

Vasquez’s new hours were “difficult” because of her childcare obligations and in July 2019 she began seeing a psychiatrist “due to the sexual assault of Medina, Cassano and Guzmán”, the complaint alleges.

In November 2019, HR told Vazquez that its complaints were unfounded and that HR considered the investigation “complete and closed.”

During the pandemic, in August 2020, she requested “reasonable accommodations for working away from home due to incapacity of asthma, heart murmurs and anxiety” and included a doctor’s note, the suit says. His request was rejected.

Vasquez is out on a family vacation.

“My professionalism exceeded expectations of that facility,” Vasquez told The Post. “To this day I can’t believe this has happened to me. I haven’t seen it coming. It’s disturbing. I’m disappointed and embarrassed.”

Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano gave his name to Dodgson School of the Month for March 2018, adding that “under the leadership of Principal Evelina Medina, [it] Setting the bar in terms of academic achievement and community engagement.”

The lawsuit names the city of Yonkers, the school district, the Dodson and Chavez School, Medina, assistant principals Cassano and Guzmán, and superintendent Quezada as defendants. It seeks “uncapped” and unspecified damages.

Medina, who Earned $163,000 in 2019, according to public records, is no longer a principal at Dodson. A person answering her phone hung up when a reporter called, and text messages were not returned.

The school district said it would not comment on “pending litigation” and declined to explain the circumstances of Medina’s Dodgson stepping down. Cassano and Guzmán could not be reached.


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