What are the plan B rules and when do they come into force?

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Boris Johnson has announced that Plan B measures will go into effect in England from next week to limit the spread of the Omicron COVID variant.

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At a Downing Street press conference, the prime minister warned that it was clear the new strain was “growing much faster” than the Delta version.

Omicron’s cases could double every two or three days, he said, adding that he announced new rules to slow its spread.


What are the rules of Plan B?

Compulsory mask-wearing will be extended from Friday in indoor public places, including cinemas, cinemas and places of worship, but will not be required in pubs and restaurants.

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Mr Johnson said exceptions to wearing a mask included eating, drinking, exercising or singing.

Where possible work from home guidance will return on Monday.

The NHS COVID pass, which can be obtained by two vaccines or a negative lateral flow test, will be offered for entry into nightclubs and other large venues from 15 December, as Mr Johnson laid out “proportionate and responsible” measures Were.

The COVID health certificates will be applicable for indoor spaces with no more than 500 attendees and outdoors where there are more than 4,000 people.

Mr Johnson said the pass could be achieved with a negative lateral flow test or by having two doses of a vaccine, but indicated that this could change by saying “we will keep this under review as the booster rolls out”. went”.

How long will these Plan B rules be in force?

The government has said that the Plan B prepared in September will be reviewed on January 5.

What about Christmas parties and nativity plays?

Mr Johnson said Christmas parties and nativities could go ahead, but urged people to “take precautions” and get their booster jabs.

He added: “The best way to make sure we all have Christmas as close as possible is to go ahead with Plan B, although it’s upset it’s not a lockdown.

“We don’t want birth plays to be cancelled, we think what we can see is currently okay to continue with Christmas parties, but obviously everyone should take precautions.”

Have the Plan B rules been approved?

Lawmakers are expected to vote on the measures on Tuesday.

Many Tory rebels are expected to oppose the government, but the measures are almost certain to be approved as shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting said Labor supports the new restrictions as being “in the national interest”.

How prevalent is the Omicron version?

At the same time in Mr Johnson’s press conference, Health Secretary Sajid Javid said 568 cases of omicron had been confirmed in the Commons, but the true figure was estimated to be “probably closer to 10,000”.

He warned that cases could reach one million by the end of the month.

Will Plan B slow the spread of Omicron?

Scientists advising the government have said measures are needed to slow the spread of the variant.

Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London, whose data was critical for the UK going into lockdown in March 2020, said that “Omicron cases are doubling at least every three days, maybe even every two days, so It is getting faster. Very fast”.

He said the lockdown is a possibility and cannot be ruled out, but work from home guidance can slow the spread.

Prof Ferguson also said: “There is an argument, just epidemiologically, to try to slow it down, mainly to give us more time to get the boosters in people’s arms, because we think that those who are promoted will have the best level of protection possible, but also to give us more time to better characterize the threat.”


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