What are ultimate shields and why do they fail? All your ‘Dune’ burning questions, answered

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Beware, this story contains moderate spoilers about “Dune” (streaming in theaters and now on HBO Max).

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director Denis Villeneuve Brings the audience into a new thrilling universe in its visually stunning “Doon” Based on the influential novels by Frank Herbert.

Behind the Canadian Directorblade runner 2049“Gives minimal screen explanation for some of the complex intrigue, which can make the audience think about what’s happening on screen (Our Essential Information Guide will help).


For example, what is the shield protecting people like Paul Atreides (Timothy Chalameta) and why does it fail? And what was it like to wear Lady Jessica’s distant dress?

We try to answer your most burning “Dune” questions:

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Stellan Skarsgard:How he turned ‘Dune’s 600-pound, often-naked ‘monster’ into villain Baron Harkonnen

Rebecca Ferguson worked it in a tight dress from Lady Jessica. how did that go?

Lady Jessica goes all-out on her arrival on the desert planet Arrakis, wearing a full-length, silk satin bias-cut dress – consisting of a chain-mesh veil and gloves, a billowing cape and a 10-foot-long train that draws attention to herself. Needs to be given from his three ladies-in-waiting.

It is a statement dress for the visiting dignitary and one of the most memorable looks from the film.

“I love the excellence with which it was made,” says Ferguson. But “to be honest, chainmail outfits—not comfortable, man. And being pushed into a corset and walking in heels isn’t comfortable.”

Costume designer Jacqueline West admitted, “Rebecca needed real grace to walk and turn in it.”

‘I hope I don’t have to use this’:Timothée Chalamet learned this new skill from ‘Doon’

Timothée Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson in Desert Stillsuits.

Ferguson was very much at home wearing the water-recycling stillsuits she and her screen son Paul Atreides don in the desert, even if it meant splashing real sand dunes on location in Jordan.

“Those suits were like the most comfortable ones ever,” Ferguson says. “Put me in those linen pajamas and throw me in a desert any day.”

Timothée Chalamet's shield training with Josh Brolin requires intricate choreography

What are end shields and why do they fail?

The “Dune” universe has a game-changing Ultimate Shield built to deflect sharp objects and projectiles. For example, bullets are irrelevant because they automatically deflect. The only thing that can go through those gradients are slow objects.

“This is why personal combat, the sword and the knife, are back in fashion, because the only way you can kill an opponent is to slowly bring the blade through that shield,” Villeneuve says. .

Inspired by the book The Last Shield, Paul explains the complex training sequences between Atreides and Gurney Halleck (Josh Brolin).

Mines explode in the Atreides fleet at the scene of the "Dune" battle.

“It’s a game of chess, where you try to choreograph very fast moves to distract the opponent to bring him enough blades to hit him,” Villeneuve says.

The approach is used by the Harkonnen army with its explosive mines that break the shields to slowly attack the Atreides fleet though the shield.

“I came up with the idea for the Harkonnen army to use drifting mines that slowly go down from hell like some kind of Tetris game,” Villeneuve says. “We’re used to speeding up objects. It was really exciting to play with the speed.”

Timothée Chalamet seeks his fate in "Dune".

Which ‘Doon’ books are included in the movie? And when is the sequel coming?

The film is based on 1965’s “Dune”, the first novel in Frank Herbert’s science-fiction series. “The first book is so dense, so complex that I decided to make two movies out of it,” Villeneuve says.

The current film is actually “Doon: Part One”, which is half of the first book,” he says. “Doon: Part Two will cover the second half of the first book.”

Villeneuve has not officially debuted on a second film, without Warner Bros’ green light nor a studio budget. The director and the cast are hoping that ‘Doon’ will prove the hunger to pursue another film.

“I’m at peace with this idea. That’s gambling,” Villeneuve says. “I put all my love and my passion into this project. I gave my all. But trust me, if I do a part two, this part will look like an appetizer.”

Why was the gender changed for Dr. Litt Keynes?

Sharon Duncan-Brewster as Dr. Litt Keynes in "Dune".

There’s a gender switch for a major character in “Dune”: British actress Sharon Duncan-Brewster plays Dr. Lit Kaines, who serves as the liaison between the planet’s new administrator, Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaac), and the planet’s native Freemen. People.

This change was discussed at length by Villeneuve and fellow screenwriter Jon Spahts, noting that the book is dominated by male characters.

“It made perfect sense,” Villeneuve says. “It didn’t change the nature of the character at all, just made it more interesting, more contemporary.”

“Frankly, I had a feeling there were a lot of guys around and it felt like we needed to get more women on the boat,” Villeneuve says. “It was the right decision.”

For Baron Harkonnen's floating scenes,

How did Baron Harkonnen survive the poison attack?

giant villain Baron Harkonnen (Stellan Skarsgard) is nearly poisoned by the captured Duke Leto Atreides (Oscar Isaacs), who releases a gas capsule placed in his mouth. But the severely damaged Harkonnen escapes through the air, kicking off an anti-gravity device that needs to be shifted into overdrive urgently.

“” He can turn it on and off. That’s why he keeps hovering and floating across the room,” Skarsgard says. “So he just slaps her in full gear and goes upstairs.”

After escaping, the Baron is forced to recover in a healing pool.

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