What we learned from the latest Nintendo Direct

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    Some of Nintendo’s late fans were given a chance to cheer for the first time! A Nintendo Direct took place on Wednesday and was accompanied by some new games, quite a few ports, and as some people reported on Twitter, more anime swords.

    These instructions are always exciting as it is a chance to see some new trailers for upcoming games and they are always delivered in a truly digestible format. Nintendo has done a huge job by dropping the bland trade show aspects of revealing events like E3 and reaching the part that people care about the most. Video game.

    This direct itself was largely correct. No Earth was unveiled there, but it had lots of fun little titles and cult favorites that we can look forward to. Given how long it has been since the last direct, we can call it successful. Not amazing, not terrible, but fun. Let’s get to the biggest news to emerge from Wednesday’s event.

    New Smash Bros. Character: Pyra / Mithra

    If you are someone who has never played Super Smash Bros., the reaction to this unveiling before may seem a bit strange. There was not as much enthusiasm as you would expect from a cult-like thinker. There was also some resentment and not only fans were upset that his favorite character was not selected for the roster. Pyro / Mithra, the characters of Xenoblade 2, look like anime characters and they use a sword. Something that, at this point, is a joke among fans of the Smash Bros. series as the roster is full of them.

    As a fan of Xenoblade, it was exciting to see the series get some further representation from Shulak. Said that, hopefully, future additions to the growing roster of fighter jets will show more diversity. It seems that fans are starting to get tired of more repetitive selections.


    One unfortunate aspect of the switch is that it rarely seems to get non-party titles. Many games for PC, Xbox or PlayStation will be common, and will be ported to Switch On if it performs well. We saw this several times in direct with both Outdoor wilds And Fallen people Getting ports to switch. Outdoor wilds Is an unprecedented game that everyone should play and Fallen people The correct switch is titled, so it makes sense to get both ports.

    https://www.youtube.com/c/n support / videos

    Fallen people Summer storms have led to a worldwide decline in popularity, but with a port to switch to, we can see revival of wacky game shows like Battle Royal.

    Mario Golf

    Mario Golf Mario Golfer Mario Golio Mario Mario!

    Mario Golf Ridiculously fun and one of the best Mario game titles. Whether you’re a golf fan, Mario fan, or you’re going to have a great time with both Mario Golf.

    Star wars

    It’s not much to say about anyone other than a Star Wars game and Switch and coming on mobile. It is considered a competitive style game so that it can be fun. Let’s just hope there aren’t too many microtransports.


    Mythopia There is another port, but this time for the game coming back to the 3DS in 2017. This is one of those games that is completely Nintendo. It’s goofy, includes Mii’s, and a fun way to take your friends on an adventure. However without the street pass feature it would be interesting to see how the game uses Mii.

    No more heroes 3

    No More Heroes is a cult favorite you’d never expect for a Nintendo title. These games are generally very bloody, rather crude, and have absurdly wacky humor. They are really fun and a great time for anyone who gives them a chance. The first two games appeared on the Wii, so it will be interesting to see how it fares after a decade.

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward SwordWilde’s no breath

    A lot of fans were expecting to see Breath of the Wild 2 In this slot, but instead, they ended up with a The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. It would be fine if it was not one of the most divisive games in the franchise and they did not refer to Breath of the Wild in the presentation.

    Project Triangle Strategy

    This game was really interesting. It had the art style of an octopath traveler, but he has not given us a title yet. It has story paths and decisions that can affect them greatly. It is very clearly inspired Final Fantasy: Strategy Which is a franchise that fans have been begging to return for years. Although it is not an official strategy game, it appears as a spiritual successor. The next best thing. Even trying out for everyone is a demo.

    Spill 3

    Show bookseller, Spill 3 Was a surprise to watch as Marriage 2 Switch came out for Back in 2017 and still has an actively active multiplayer community. However, what was interesting about this trailer is that they placed a heavy emphasis on the initial shots of the main character traveling through the desert and finding a bus to find them, which we believe is Incopolis. One aspect of Splatoon that does not get enough credit is that the single player mode is actually quite interesting. It will be exciting to see what they do in the latest title.


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